February 27, 2014

Name Tag and some Demolition

I haven't posted in a while. I have been really busy and also passing a kidney stone. It was being really resistant to coming out. It took a month and a half. Two doctor's visits and a lot of nausea.Finally, it passed. So, I am back to sewing.  

                                                This morning I made a name tag for the guild.

It just a swatch of fabric.

I used my heat bond. Traced out the name.

I made a mess.

I heat bonded the letters on and quilted the top and batting just a bit. I used the same fabric as the name for the backing fabric. I used a midweight fusible interfacing to the backing fabric to  make it a little stiffer. I sewed around the outside,clipped corners, and turned it.

Wallah, cute little name tag for guild meetings. Plus, I have the cute notebook that matches.

I hooked up with a skinny swap...meaning pincushions. ;) This is my skinny pinny. You can see how to make a skinny here. Unlike getting skinny for real, this is super quick. Here's the flickr group here. There's tons of wonderful skinny pinnies over there.

In big news...not sewing related...we got a beautiful new fridge. Our old one was on it's last leg. The freezer didn't work, and it really affected the fridge. That is OLD news! Buh-bye lame fridge. Hello, happy day! Demolition of living room has begun!!

There's hubby in full demo mode.

It has completely spread to the kitchen.

I am proud of my hard work. Notice demo is as tall as me (I am 5'4)...lol.

This was a shocker. There was brick pavers in the entry. It was definitely not tile. No foundation here. Hubby had to  hammer and chisel  them out. The entry was not level with the living room foundation. So,  I filled it with cement. Yes, me. First time for everything. Brother-in-law made it for the cement mixing. Yay, a family affair. We made good progress. High fives to all DIYers! 

 We are also thinking...about taking our the entry way walls and it will be completely open.  We have renovated our den. Pics are here.

February 4, 2014

In progress

It's been a crazy couple weeks here in the panhandle of FL. We got some ice on the ground. It was pretty amazing. The kids got to slide down the little hill. It was sooo much fun! Scary but fun! Jason and I joined in the sliding too. No video of that. ;) For some reason, we don't have boogie boards. I know, who would have thought. We live right by the beach. So, we cut some thick sheets of shelving plastic and slid our butts off!

I sent off  my pouch for the sweet pouch swap over with Ros @ Sew Delicious.
I used this wonderful tutorial here. . I just added a little tail.
I filled it with treats and sent.
 I tried two different interfacing ideas. The first boxy pouch I made was for our guild swap. I used Pellon 72F. It was fusible on both sides. It really only needed to be fusible on one side. It still  held shape well. When I made the one in the pic above, I just used batting, and it was lighter and I was able to fold it easily for shipping. I was impressed with how it held it's shape though.  I liked both, but I think that the pellon looked more professional.
I received my pouch from Bronwyn in Australia filled with tons of yumminess. I love this international swap! I don't usually do selfies. This was impromptu, and hubby was home to take a photo.

This is my January block for Sew Kitschy. The button is on the right of this post.
I made this cute paper piecing for a swap.

Finished this mug rug and sent it off Monday for our swap on Ipernity. You should check it out. It's an open group. We are about to start another swap soon....
My Riley Blake Challenge is finished for ECMQG. All the lovely ladies will get to see this in person on Saturday. It really goes with our master bedroom décor. Valentine's is also right around the corner. ;)  If you would like a tute. Let me know. It's super easy.
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