August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

     I just wanted to apologize for the delay of the One Block Wonder  follow up. I live in Pensacola, Fl, and we all thought that the hurricane Isaac was coming here. There was alot of hype about this hurricane. It ended up, so far, as being a tropical storm. We spent all weekend working on whether we were going to stay home, put up hurricane shutters. So, we watched hours of the weather channel. Boring!
     I think that since hurricane Katrina, we are terrified that will be us. It was very tragic. Hurricanes can turn, speed up at the last moment, or  fizzle out. They can very be frustrating. This is the first time that I saw that Europe has a hurricane model. It was forecasting a totally different path. It put us in the eye of the storm. Thank goodness they were wrong. The worst part is the gasoline  is gone the minute that hurricane gets  around the keys. Water is never more expensive. People are flat out crazy. 
     Ivan was horrible. We stayed at home for that one. I slept right through it. The beaches got hit hard. Lots of buildings and roadways were lost. I actually live about 10 miles in from the beach. So, the chance of severe water damage or flooding is really not that bad. However, oak trees are a serious concern. They tend to fall and we try to prepare by cutting back the  limbs. That's a major fear though. It's the trees. You would think that we would cut them down, but they are actually protected. I feel sorry for the neighbors. If our tree falls, it will hit their trucks and house. 
Other than the hurricane, school started last week. I did take some time out to make my daughter some shirts for her school uniform. They wear red, white, and navy shirts. So, I decided to make some for her. I have been sewing clothing much longer than quilts. It was simple. I finally got to use the buttonhole part of the machine. 

So, here is a picture of the shirts.

I did get a pattern from Walmart. I am about to make that...after the quilt post. Don't worry.

   Before I forget, I asked my husband if I could have his cabinet from the shop for my fabrics. It would be nice if my fabrics had a nice organized their space. Plus, I will be able to see what is in there. That would really be a good idea..since I have nothing that really goes together. I just pick up whatever catches my eye. (wink) I really don't have that much, but it will look alot cleaner. So, that is on the agenda. I will post pictures of that as well. I gotta get to the sewing den. So, blog at ya later. Have fun sewing.

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