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Sunday, October 5, 2014

QAL3 Top finish

I finally got this off the list. It has been sitting for 2 or 3 year...IKR! I should have gotten this done a long time ago. I have no idea why it sat, but it did. I didn't want to post this on IG or Flickr because I am kind of shy of selfies. I took this as my normal everyday look. Just pretty plain jane. 

The armholes are a bit wonky, but it is a walmart pattern. So, I really can't complain. It will be really nice in the summer which we are wrapping up here. 

My original QAL 3 list is here:
My bathroom hasn't been renovated. It is on the list and came with the funky paint job. 

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

241 Tote Finish

I am  really excited to finally be sewing up some stuff lately. My introduction to Instagram really distracted me. School is getting back in session in two days, and I can land some more focus here. Yay!

The pattern is from Noodlehead. http://www.noodle-head.com/2011/03/241-tote-pattern.html

I got in Secret Tote Bag Swap 5. I am totally addicted to swaps. I have passed up on 3 within the last week. I had to run and take my temp to see if I was feeling ok. Temp is still good! Ha!

 I took mine out for a little photo shoot at the park. I am trying to upgrade my skills with the camera. It's not a fancy one, but outdoor shots are so pretty. Plus, it's 2 for 1. I took the kids to play.

I made my hubby a little Birthday Star Wars wallet. He loved it.
I was in a little Ice Cream Pencil Case swap on Instagram. The first one came out a bit too small for pencils found @a spoonful of sugar blog.  I the second one just made it a little bigger. I used a ice cream pattern found on google. I can't find the website, again. Sorry.
I did a little paper pieced ice cream. Her favorite flavors were Strawberry, peanut butter, and coffee. I love the Munk HR ice cream truck. I got from a destash. I just love all Heather Ross!  

I added  some more HR strawberries. I love a colorful zip. I did a quilt as you go with some medium weight interfacing. I used some ribbon to make the tail.

Plus, I added the little ice cream pull. Cute, and it's Joanns. I love the shiny fabric too. It's also joanns. My favorite. Anything shiny is my favorite!
I was in a little Ice Cream Pencil Case swap on Instagram. The first one came out a bit too small for pencils found @a spoonful of sugar blog.  I the second one just made it a little bigger. I used a ice cream pattern found on google. I can't find the website, again. Sorry.
Paper Pieced Latte Pattern here.

As I said, I love a little Heather Ross! This was a little extra for the Strawberry Swap I was in recently. Really, passing up the last 3 swaps I saw was probably a really good idea.

I am currently working on the #ecmqg scrap swap. Hehehe! I couldn't pass it up. Happy sewing!
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Starbucks Mug Rug Swap

I am super duper excited to be hostessing my very first swap. It will be flickr based. I will also be taking IG people too. We will be using the #Starbucksmugrugswap. For this first swap, we are going to do US only, but if there is interest. The next round will be open international. The shipping is just really costly. Sorry international friends.

Sign up open HERE until 8/15/14.

Picture courtesy of Kira @labellacolori

I was getting so jealous of all these Starbucks city and state mugs going around. I wanted in. So, I brought the idea up to my friend, Kira @Labellacolori. She got really excited and offered to help out.  Yay! So it begins.

Background details- I got hubby to help me figure out the google documents. It was pretty easy, and it helps that I have been in several swaps. I was paying attention good people. At least I hope so.
I created the group and right away people started joining up.  WOW! I don't even have a cute logo photo at this point.

:: I love all my swapper friends. You guys just rock! ::
This morning I got up and I talked to Kira first thing. I was like did you see the members list?!?
You guys found me.
So now, I have plans for hubby to make me a shelf so that I can put up all my mugs. Because I am hoping that we have more than 1 round. If nothing else, I will have 1 mug. LOL
Hop on over and take a look!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Free Motion Quilting-Woodgrain

I just wanted to share what I am doing today. For all you people wondering, maybe none, lol. If you were wondering...I am getting my FMQ (free motion quilting) on and I love this part! 

I also spray basted the quilt sandwich together. I tell you what, I have read other blogs, and they kept going onnnnn about it. I was like, seriously?!?! Really, it is awesome sauce! So easy and less time consuming than basting with pins. I don't know anyone that loves to pin and pin and pin...you get the point. Spray basting had me at hello. 

On to quilting, I decided to go with some nice wood grain for this quilt, and so far I am really happy with how it is coming out. I mapped it out a bit on paper, first. There's no quilting frame today.So, I am sitting  with my trusty sidekick Janome 1600P DBX. I am using some gutterman cream thread. Nothing fancy there. Just sewing my heart out. Quilting makes me happy. I am going to get back to it. 
Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Strawberry Swap WIP

Fabric pull for Strawberry Mini

I am working in my sewing nook on my Strawberry Swap, today. I wanted to make a cute strawberry mini, but I don't have the money for the pattern. So, I just figured out the hst sizes and mocked on up.  It's cute. I may add a leaf to some of these, but this is my WIP for the day and there's a basket too.

On a side note, did anyone let you know that I am a Swapaholic. Well, I really am! I had a conversation with my friend Ayna (amanicustoms on IG) and this was conversation.

Me: I need to stop with the swaps.
Her: Yeah you should start SA (Swaps Anonymous)..an hour later or so
Me: I just signed up for another swap.
Her: Stop the shenanigans!
Me: I can sew a mug rug in my sleep.
Her: You should be the president of SA.


The strawberry swap. There's just so much cuteness here. Kira @Labellacolori told me about this berry basket over here. I decided to make one, but my printer is out of ink. So, I just got my cardstock and kinda made a template.

It called for heavy interfacing, but I had some Buckram laying around that I made a hat out of last year. So, it feels nice and stable.

I thought I would share how I got the binding on here.

I just squish it and move it around 'til it was right next to the other side and chain stitched it together.

I did a fold where the binding goes together and slipped one side in under the folded edge and sewed that down.

This is about 3 inch square. I just turned the binding and sewed it down. Fiddly, but it looks good, and it's reversible.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sewvivor - That's Sew Creative

  Sew-vivor is happening, and it is quilter's addition. I decided to throw caution to the wind and enter. Yeppers! Because this is what I love to do and the competition is fierce!  I will be one lucky girl if I make it to the top 16.  I have tons of things I could have chosen, but the camper just mixes all of me in one little mug rug/mini.
There's no pattern just some free hand drawing and fun.  This one is for the mug rug revival swap too.
I love this red with the measuring tape fabric, and the cute little text  curtain.
I added the flowers to give it a homey vibe. My mom always says, plants make the home feel more inviting. She was right. I could totally live in this little camper.
Plus, who doesn't bring their cute little doggie along for the ride. ;)
 That's my little camper entry. I hope this makes a big enough impact to get me into the top 16. A girl can dream! I'm getting on my quilty game face and will be sewing non-stop. If I don't make it in,  I am definitely going to be following and quilting  along.

Happy Sewing!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Q3 list

Life is crazier by the minute. So, there's no time to waste getting these wips out of here. Some are really old. I am ashamed to say that, but they are slowly getting done, and that's an accomplishment.

  1. Modern Maples- I have the background fabric, and I'm ready to mark this off the list.

 2. This shirt has been on here for ever. The pieces are cut. I just need to bind the edges and put it together.

  3. I told hubby I would make him his own 18" Star Trek pillow. It will be a different layout. Same fabrics. This was gifted to his best friend.

4. Hemisphere is going to be a throw size. I really want this one out of my life. It continues to go from list to list.

5. EPP is coming along. I think I have 4 more than is in this photo.  Ha! I would like a queen size. I just don't know if I can make it there...unlikely. I will just move it to the next list.

6. I want to make a quilt with my AMH and maybe some other additions. It's going to be a queen size giant pluses like the one here.

 7. I have these monkeys that are almost a year old wip to make for each of my kids. I am just not into making these stuffed dolls. I have to buck up and just do it.

8. I have to make another heart pillow

9. The Social Tote. I want one of these. They are so cute. I need it in my life. I guess, the only way is to make it. It's so far down the list.

10. Need to finish up this mug rug for the July Mug Rug Revival on flickr. DONE!

I am going to make a strawberry mini for The Strawberry Swap on Flickr as well. Pattern is here.

I am sure that there is more on the to do list. I am just not sure what it is yet. Good luck on your list! See you   at the end. Happy sewing!

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