October 18, 2012

Birthday Bunting

Right after I posted the finishing touches on the Block by block quilt, I started the binding on the birthday bunting. I felt so good to complete it. My daughter's 7th birthday party is going to be this weekend. So, it's a relief that everything is ready for the party.  These are pretty easy. They are two sided again like the table topper and cake place mat. I used the scraps from those projects to finish here.
It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I guess, that's just life. Well, I am definitely living.

I took a 6 1/2 inch by 4 inch strip and trimmed it up.
Then, I just cut from corner to corner.

Now here the cut is from left to right. Really, this wasn't the idea. I just happened to cut it this way. I wanted them to be the same. Plus, I didn't have enough material to redo them. Oh well, just remember to check how you are cutting to make sure that they are going to be uniform or not. 

Here is a pretty big scrap. I think that this is where I decided to make different sizes. 
I cut a straight edge. I figured that I already have them hanging differently, why not make them larger too. Sometimes, making it work, really works. Wow.
Some of the scraps were to small to make the rectangular cuts. So, I used the mat.I lined the straight edge up on the cutting mat,and the ruler on the 30 degree line on my cutting mat.  Another option to using the ruler is making a template out of plastic. You can use double stick tape to secure it to the ruler for cutting. 

I used the rulers 30 degree line to make the cuts.  Once all the triangles were cut, I sewed the pink and green triangles right sides together. You can go down one side and up the other. Remember to trim off the point of the triangle to make turning. Leave the top open and turn. Do this to all remaining triangles. Then, I made a 1/2" double bias binding for the top.

Glad you stopped by...blog at ya later.

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