June 26, 2013

A Little Paper Piecing

It's very obvious that I love coffee. So, it only makes sense to paper piece a coffee mug rug or coaster. This paper piecing thing is really fun. It's different. Overall, I think I like it.

It 6 inches finished. So, I think it's an oversized coaster. I picked it up from craftsy.com under the free patterns from this blog. It comes in different sizes too.

I like how the quilting came out. I like the modern lines and the piecing gives it an edge.

  The hardest part of paper piecing is getting the fabric to cover the space you are sewing. The angles can really mess me up.  I did try the mariner's compass (also on craftsy.com), and it was a fail. A three time fail. Wow, all time record for me. I will get it. My hubby said maybe he could help with the labeling it or something. I could always get some help from my mother-in-law. So, I'll get it. I must just be having a slow moment today.

This was a little contoured burp cloth. Pattern is here. Both sides are flannel.

A little matchy matchy for a friend's baby shower gift. She loved it. This is a yard of two different fabrics sewn together and topstitched. It's sewn in rows about every 6 inches to keep it from slipping. I tell ya, flannel is not my favorite to sew. It is stretchy. One tip to keep any fabric from slipping is give it a good starch.
Here's some photos of our little family.
This is my son, Jared, catching some rays at the Pensacola Beach on Mother's Day. We actually live  here. It's like we are on permanent vacation. You would think we would all have better tans. Haha.
My daughter, Kenzie and her cousin, playing in the water. I tried to crop these photos and post them, but it wouldn't let me upload them cropped onto blogger. I have no idea why. I am not a technical blogger at all.
On that note, I was excited that I added a couple buttons and a widget. I figured out, finally, how to add all the blogs I follow too. I did it with the help from some other blog tutorials. While I was making leaps and bounds I changed the look too. Woohoo!
We went to the blueberry patch for some picking. We did get a thunderstorm and had to wait it out under a overhang of a barn. It was just part of the adventure.

Look at those blueberries. I can taste the pie I made right now.

She is too cute.

We're in one of those learning to smile stages. Still cute. The most awesome blueberry pie recipe is here. The only thing that I did different was 4 Tbsp. of cornstarch. The instructions said that the 3 wasn't enough. It was great. It just takes about 2 hours to set.
This is one of me. I'm not at the sewing table. I was just about to go to dinner with a friend.  Just a few photos of what life is like around here. Let me add one of my hubby.
Here's my handsome guys at my son's pre-k graduation about a month ago.
I had to represent everyone. Now, I'm off to cook dinner. Blog at ya later.

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