May 20, 2014

Blogger Quilt Festival- Galaxy

This is my first time entering into the Blogger Festival. Last year, there were so many amazing quilts. I sat around the whole time with my coffee admiring all the beautiful work. I hope you enjoy your visit here, and I am excited to be apart of the festival this year. So, welcome!

I love the Dresden Plate pattern and this is a twist with just the curves. I wanted to create a  universe effect for this quilt. The rings are planets, and  I added the small circles as asteroids. I love how the color plays off the gray. I long arm quilted the ring from the upper left corner out. I added a large band of pebbling to make  milky way.

Quilting the  pebbles in the big milky way and planets was my favorite part of this quilt.  

The rings are appliqued using lightweight fusible interfacing to turn the rings. If you would like to see how that was done. The tutorial is here. I cut out round cardboard templates for the circles and wrapped them individually with fabric in aluminum foil and pressed with the iron. It gave them the nice edge. I then, zig zagged them all down. 

I want to thank my sister in law Terrie for the photo shoot, and these are a couple we took for fun with the quilt. 

Here's me (Yvonne) and the hubs (Jason) with galaxy. 
Galaxy Quilt designed, made, and quilted by Yvonne Campbell

Category: Original Design
Size: 88" x 96"
Technique: Pieced and Appliqued
Quilted on a Long Arm
Hand sewn binding

I hope you enjoyed stopping by and will come back again! Now, I am off to look at all the other beauties. Good luck! Happy sewing!

© Quilty Dream
Maira Gall