June 22, 2016

During the Swap and Sending - Swap Series

We are ready to make our swap partner's item. Sometimes, my original pattern choice works out. Sometimes, I have to change it. Finding your sewjo can be frustrating sometimes. Mine has been coming and going lately. My seam ripper has been in constant use. I usually take a break from sewing for a day or two until I can get my mind right. Take a refresh day.

I couldn't get these points to match. I couldn't send this. I had to remake it. Those days are awful. 
   Posting sneak peeks on instagram is a fun way to take a minute to interact with you swap group. Sneak peek photo Such as this pic. I was showing the basic layout and plan. I use the hashtag for the swap, maybe a hashtag for your moderated group. #starbucksmugrugswap #teamyvonne.   This is the way that you can find all the group photos in one place. This makes it very convenient for you as a swap mama,partner, and moderator. Please use the ones that they request. If you want to add others, that is fine too.

A sneak peak, and she loved it. Yay! 
I like to browse, like, and comment on photos in the group. You never know who is making something for you. It is nice to know if your partner saw it and liked what you are making. This works in your sneak peek photos as well. If your partner hasn't liked or commented on your sneak peek, and you are ready to move forward. Go ahead, I usually go with the majority. If the group likes a certain pattern, fabric option,or binding. I say, go with it. Your partner may be busy and missed your post. Sometimes, it is because the group is very large and it tends to lose the personal touch. You can always post another sneak peek photo along the way to fish for more details.
  Feedback is an important way to be a part of a swap.

If you don't have time to comment, browse ,or like something, then you may want to  consider slowing down on your swaps . I look through my swap hashtags regularly. I know who has been interacting or not from a swap mama point of view in my swaps. If your partner is not seeing any signs that you're even there, they start to doubt that you will like what they have made. Some swappers take special care and time to put in their swap packages. They buy special fabrics,goodies, and make a pattern that you love. Take a look at mosaics, and what they have listed on their forms as something that they might like.

I picked all these out special for my partner. I take a picture before packing it up. Save it for later. 
    Most swaps are around 2 to 3 months long. If I am out and about running errands, I will pick up extras for my partner. I make myself a little list of their likes and keep it in my purse. (This goes back to filling out the form to let your partner know what you like.) Sometimes, I even order special things online. If I am tight on money, I think about extras that I can make that they might like such as pincushion, embroidery, scrap pack, a little pouch, or a cute needle minder. Handmade goodies are fun and always appreciated. You can get threads,floss for embroidery, target dollar spot is nice if they like notepads or cute pens. Putting a little candy or stickers is fun. Bunting is really trendy right now. Fabric stamps or basted hexies or hexies paper templates. There's tons of cute sewing notions that you can find out there

 When it comes to packaging, people love when you wrap everything like a present. Tissue paper is very inexpensive and looks great. Wrapped in twine,ribbon, or a strip of skinny fabric. Also, selvage. Some people save selvage. I do! Love it. Personalizing your partners package is fun and pays off big time. When you send your note, I try to write something  besides "I had fun making this and hope you enjoy it."   You have been looking through their feed and getting  to know them. This is the part of putting something personal into your package. I may write, this was my first time doing clam shells, or I tried this quilting technique because it reminded me of the ocean. It could be that you love the color palette. Just anything personal.

This is from Katmama367 on IG. She wrapped her swap package so pretty!
     Once you have your shipping cormfirmation, some swap mama's ask that you email them the confirmation or tag them that you have sent. When your partner gets it, I usually wait until the next day or two days before I worry and contact my swap mama. If you can clearly see on IG that they are travelling, you may just want to have your swap mama or moderator check in with them and let them know that your package arrived. If there is still no photo that your person received it just sucks. Sometimes, people are just rotten, and they don't post a pic. I don't know why. I get really excited and post a pic right away when I receive my packages. That is how most people are when they get a package. In those blatantly rude or neglectful times, after a certain time frame, I will post a picture of what I made and goodies sent and tag the person and swap mama or moderator. It is polite to let them post, or wait for your swap mama to respond before posting your own photo of the package you sent. Recently, I saw that my package was received and she was on a trip. I didn't post a pic until she did. I didn't want to ruin the surprise for her.
     Hopefully, you receive a wonderful package and your partner loves your package. That's the whole fun of it. I hope that all your swap dreams come true. Everything in here is my opinion and based on my own thought and experiences. Swaps, swap mamas, and swappers vary from swap to swap.

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Maira Gall