January 13, 2012

Double Potholder Tutorial

     The double potholder above is an example and  was made for me by my mother-in-law. She is a great inspiration. She helps when I am stuck on any sewing project.

What you will need:
* Scissors
*1/4 yard of 45 inch fabric
*2 1/2 yard of 1/2 inch single fold binding of coordinating fabric. You can make your own binding with  2 strips of  2 inch cuts of 45 inch fabric
*rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat are handy
*chalk or pencil to mark quilting lines
*insul-bright heat resistant batting.

I cut 2 pieces of fabric and 1 piece insul-bright -  6 1/2 inches by 45 inches (not shown here).
The above picture showing me square up the fabric and cutting strips of 2 1/2 inches. This will make the binding.

I am taking the 2 cuts for binding and have marked a line to sew together. Next, cut excess fabric and iron that seam flat. Next fold the fabric, with right side facing out, in half and iron.

All three  fabrics are sandwiched together.  I want the lines on 45 degree angle and have drawn the quilt lines for 1 and a half inch squares. The spacing is your choice.

Lay out what is going to be the bottom side of the oven mitt.  The raw edge of binding  should be face out towards the edge of the fabric. These two cuts were 7 inches. I like to make it a little long and cut the excess, or you can make it 6 1/2. It is up to you.  Pin and sew.

Now, I am going to turn to the front side. Fold the fabric over from the back,pin, and sew.

I have folded each end up. onto the front making the place for the pockets.  The fold is  8 inches from the top of binding to the end of fold.  I just rounded the edges as well.  Binding the top of the pocket, before sewing on the rest of the binding on, gives us a clean and perfect pocket.

Finally, I  lined up the raw edges with binding and pinned. Let’s  sew! When beginning to put the binding on, leave some loose a few inches. At the end, you will need to stop a few inches away from the end to match the binding. Sew this together as shown earlier.   Turn it face up and pull around the binding, to finish.

It’s ready, and I love it. I wish someone  was here to take a picture of me getting some fresh baked cookies out of the oven.  I slip it right through the oven handle.   I hope this works for you. Blog at ya later.  


  1. It's funny to look back and see where I've come from and where I want things to go. Although, I am not a photographer now. I DEFINETELY wasn't one then.

  2. Great start - folks love tutorials!


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