July 30, 2012

Birthday Decoration


My circle of birthday goodness for under the cake stand. Simple and doesn’t take that long at all. I am almost done with the party decorations. These are two sided just like the table toppper. You can  make the other side anything really. I have a boy and girl. So, why not make it for both. I can put it up until it’s time to celebrate.  I think next year, I will be using the cupcakes on my birthday. I love it.

I started with a 1/4 yard of 4 different fabrics. Scissors and a cake fplate. A water soluble pencil to trace it. I kept the scraps for the banners. Some scraps of batting. you could use craft size batting.


Dinner plate here. Just your average plate.


I cut out 4 of the cupcakes and 3 of the pink coordinating fabric. I did think about making the center pink. It’s really just a design choice.  I also cut 4 of the sports fabric and 3 greens for the back. I cut 7 batting circles. I pinned the fabric circle  to batting  as a template for cutting batting.


These are my sandwiched pieces. I took it to the machine and sewed 1/4 inch around. I left an opening of about 3 inches for turning it right side out.


I clip just a bit around the circle. This helps the fabric lay down. Then, I folded the opening in and sewed it down with topstitching and continued sewing all the way around the circle.


Once I laid the circles out, I pin them for sewing. The pins are marking the place where I am going to sew.  At this point, you could choose many different options. You could hand tack these pieces together. You could put something here like a bow to hide the tack.  I saw in a magazine that they did a table runner of circles and they were attached with buttons. Then, you could use them individually as placemats. Maybe some other time I will try to make that runner.


I have the fabric ready to be tacked here. I have widened the zig-zag of the machine and made sure that it will reach side to side. Now it just takes a couple stitches to secure them together.


I pinned a couple together at a time. I started with center and then worked my way to the next one. Above, the bottom circles is tacked. I am pinning the next circle to the middle and side.


Now, I am tacking down 3. It was finished in no time at this point.


It’s really cute, and I just got this cake stands. Perfect! It will look good in the photos on birthdays too.



All I gotta do now is make some banners.

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