July 2, 2012

Kids Crayon Initials



I saw these initials framed on pinterest. I decided to give it a try with Terrie Campbell (sister-in-law) and her daughters. First, we had to get the initials printed.  We used this website. http://printerprojects.com/alphabet/letters.html. I also used word to find a font and size. That would’ve worked as well set at 700.

I picked up some light blue cardstock at joanns for .64. I cut it down to 11X14. I intend to get some shadow boxes for the finished product.  It took quite a bit of crayons. I cut them on a cutting mat with a sharp knife. I rolled the crayon as I cut them, and they broke pretty even.  I used craft glue. Terrie used Elmer’s glue. They both worked well.


Here’s the M for Mackenzie. I cut this out.



Here’s the J for Jared.


After I cut it out. I centered the J on the paper and used pencil to trace it out on the blue background.

I didn’t take a picture of this part. I took the white cut out letter and used this as a cutting guide and laid the crayons out on it as well. IMAG0080

Here is Jared’s finished product. He even spread the glue.


Here’s Kenzie laying down the crayons.


She is spreading the glue around to make sure that they stick to the cardstock. I love getting messy.


It didn’t take that long at all to get them all laid out.


Here is Kaitlynn (Kenzie’s cousin) making hers.


It’s complete.


They all did a great job.

Me and Terrie are trying to do a weekly project with the kids during summer. I know that they get bored. I like to include them in some activities and play dates. It gets me and them out of the house.


I just got this flower fabric for $3.00 yard at joanns. I turned these into curtains in a few hours. I love them. They turned out really well.


Here they are set up in the living room. I just have to make some pillows to match. I mean, why not? The fabric was so cheap. It really is starting to turn into a home. Home sweet home. Blog at you later.

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  1. Oh it's my bud Jared! They're getting way to big. Love last weeks craft project.


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