September 19, 2012

Borders for Block by Block

I finally have the borders on the quilt. Yay. Even though, the above photo doesn’t show it. This was the best picture. I really need a better camera.  I was going to do 3 borders, but I decided to stop at  2. The overall size is 59x70. The pink border was cut at 1 1/2 inch and second one at 4 1/2 inch.  I think it will be a cute lap blanket. I do want to advise that the walking foot is very helpful, and I did switch to it. I also used high loft batting. I would’ve preferred to use a low loft. It wouldn’t have been as bulky and difficult to work with on the machine.  I am still happy with the results. It is fun using a new technique.  Without further delay, this is it.  I started doing both sides of the quilt.  Then, top and bottom. I keep the same process on any additional borders.
In the first photo,place the border right sides together with the quilt edge. Next, I will apply the back border the same with right sides together (shown in photo 2). Now, I add the batting to the bottom of the quilt and pin. Then, you will sew all layers along the edge, and sew batting side down.  The last photo, I am just showing all the layers together.
When sewn and ironed. It will look like the first photo.  The second and third photo is what it looks like inside.
This is an alternate option.  Here’s how I ended up pinning borders. This  was more suitable for me. One of the many things about quilting is there are so many ways to do things. Usually, I do find the way that works for me, or I think how can I make this easier. This works out occasionally. I believe this is one of those times.
As you can see, I started on the back wit the border right sides together with quilt. Then, I put on batting. I pinned in place. I turned the quilt back to the front and pinned the top down. I just felt that it was more stabilized this way. The first border felt a little like awkward with trying to pin all the borders at once.
Now, The borders are put together with some piecing. I add length to the borders just the same as binding.  
     Lay the fabric right side up. Then, I laid the other strip to be attached right sides down covering the fabric below it. Lining up the top and outer edges.  Turn this to the inside edge,  sew from inside corner to outside corner, cut excess, and press. 
     If I needed to add length, this is the process.  Do not remove the strip when you have sewn across the fabric. I would take the other end of the first strip that I sewed and repeat step 1 to 4. Once all binding is sewn together. Then, I would trim excess  and press.
Once I have attached the borders. I  can quilt the borders on the machine. I will pin them to stabilize the quilt .
     I am working on putting on the binding right now. Binding will go on as normal.  I wanted to get this out in blog world for everyone who is interested. There are a few things that I like about this project. It was new. I love the one fabric wonder. It is full of surprises. Those are always nice. I enjoyed quilting on the regular machine. I have been wanting to get more acquainted with fmq (free motion quilting) with it. However, I really love using the frame. I guess, I am spoiled. Ha! One of the downfalls was that the back was a lot darker than the front. I just had that fabric on hand. So, I used it. Why not..Anyway, I will choose a lighter color next time to match the front. It will be more forgiving. I had my tension all the way up, and the top white was still coming through the back.  Once the quilt is done, I will post it.  I hope you enjoyed your visit today.  Blog at you later.

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