September 24, 2012

Flying Geese Potholder

    I wanted to do a small project. I like doing home décor. Pot holders are pretty easy. I didn’t want to do just plain plain squares. I really like the flying geese.  So, I thought, what the heck.  Here’s what I cut and used.
  • 4 rectangles 2 1/2 * 4 1/2 inches  in the dot pattern fabric
  • 8 squares 2 1/2 *2/12 in the red leaf print
  • 2 strips 2 1/2 *8 inches in dot pattern
  • I used 36 inches of single fold binding
Above on the left is the 2 1/2* 4 1/2  and the 2 1/2 inch square. I like to fold my squares and iron them in half. You can mark them with a marking pen. I just feel like the fold line is easier for me.  In the far right photo, I have folded squares laid on the rectangle.  They aren’t sewn at this point. I just wanted to get an idea of the look.
IMAG0644IMAG0646IMAG0647IMAG0649 Each photo here shows you what to do with them. The left photo, you can see that I chain pieced them together. This just means that I kept them at the machine and when one was done, I put the other pieces on to sew.  Now, I am just going to sew on the other side and trim.
Same concept, nothing fancy.
IMAG0656 I laid them top onto the next one in line. They’re right sides together. Sew on upper edge and then same for the rest.
IMAG0659  Next, I sewed on the 8 inch strips to each side.
 IMAG0661 I quilted it in the ditch (in the seam).

You can see the quilting on the back side. I added 1/4 binding. I just need to add a loop to hang it.
I just thought I would share it. I am happy with it. I think it came out good. I like trying new blocks out. I’ll blog at ya later.

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