December 20, 2012

Noah's Ark Quilt

I worked on the Noah's Ark quilt today off and on. The quilting is all done. Still have to do the binding. I usually use the longarm on a frame. That's my favorite way for sure. I actually used my little Brother's machine. So, it's possible to do it on any machine. It was a bear though. I wanted to spit nails and all. It's very hard pushing and pulling all that fabric around under the machine. Even using the table to rest the fabric, I still get sore. I iced my shoulder. I took a few breaks. Really, it wasn't necessary to push through it, but I was in the zone. It's that special place where the quilting is going and the time is flying. I looked up and it was dinner time. 
I'll be binding tomorrow. Blog at ya later.

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