December 20, 2012

Other quilts and projects I am working on

I have been working on some quilts for my friend and neighbor Joanne to send to her relatives.  She is paying for my time. Which is awesome. It's a great feeling when people appreciate your work. 
 This is Noah's Ark. It was a panel that was 28 x 44. So, I am going to just move it around and make it work. I think that I will be adding another row onto the right side. I am still in the middle of the creative process. I haven't decided yet if I am going to do a basic binding or not on this baby quilt. I may try something a little more fun. That always gets.. interesting.

This is another one fabric wonder that I am making for a Christmas present for someone...Isn't the clarity on these photos brilliant. 

These pictures are perfect. The detail isn't lost at all. You may actually see what is going on when I am trying to show you how to do something. No more blur. I mean, really, what is the world coming to? Hahaha.  Maybe, I won't have to take so many pictures to get the best one. All due to my awesome hubby. 

Gotta go sew. Christmas is right around the corner. I'll blog at ya later.

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