May 2, 2013

Some finishes

I finally got the little tabs on to hang my coffee trio that I made some 6 months ago. I have a 3rd panel, but there was no other spot. We got a large picture for over the dining table. That's where they were meant to go. So, I'll just swap it out occasionally.  I finished these in like 10 minutes. I have no idea why I put things off. It's ridiculous. 

In the last post, I showed you the cute birdie eggs that moved into our backyard. OMG, they hatched. Of course they did. Hubby and I  risked being dive bombed for these photos. Seriously, it swooped right by my head. I could hear the wind. I covered my eyes immediately.

You can see all the way down this lil guys throat.
I finished a bunch of new items for the shop. Hopefully, Mother's Day will be the first sale. Shop here.

Pincushion tutorial here.

Who knew hand towels could be so stinkin' cute?

This set  is my favorite. It was my most creative moment today. :)

I love coffee!

Enjoy your sewing. Blog at ya later.

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