July 18, 2013

Double Wedding Ring 1st Try

Just thought I would share today's sewing with you.

I haven't done that many curves. I have always loved the double wedding ring pattern. I saw that there's a contest http://www.nycmetromodquilters.com.  I decided immediately to  jump in head first. I went straight to my sewing den to start at it. Who wouldn't want to win a Juki. I found a template here.  Ok, don't judge to harshly. This is my first attempt.

Something is going on with the size of the rectangles that are navy. I am having a hard time joining the points. I am not even going to sugar coat it. It isn't easy. I would say moderate to hard. This is a new level for me. As I am typing, I have the block right here. I am already doing surgery on the purple. For a first try, it's not that bad.  Blog at ya later.


  1. It looks awesome!!! Well done :) I can't believe it's your first try!

  2. Thank you! It really was my first try, curves and all. Hopefully, the 2nd one will turn out better.


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