August 30, 2013

Easy No Zipper Pillow

I just wanted to do an easy pillow for a friend's birthday. I found the perfect fabric.

Oh yes, I'm a Trekkie! So, is my husband's best friend. His new fiancé is a fan too! I know they will love it. My hubby confides, "You know I am Kirk and he is Spock." I had a total laugh out loud moment. I was like, "Yes, I know!"

I had to keep enough fabric to make us a pillow. Hubby wants me to make his friend a second  one. We'll see. We've been so busy. Of course, we worked in the yard on Wednesday. We cut some trees!
Don't try this at home. Haha!
I was worried the whole time. Don't worry. Noone was harmed while taking these photos. I actually trimmed some once the limbs were on the ground. It cuts like butter!
We piled it up nicely for pick up. We went to the beach the next day while the kids were in school. Our garbage collectors here picked up the whole lot. Can you believe all that is from that one tree?
Back to the pillow.

Just a simple framed look to it.

I used some fusible midweight  interfacing on the back of the front panel.

I just cut the two side pieces a few inches wider than the actual front, and they overlap. It's nice to be able to take it off the pillow form and wash it easily.
I put up a canvas drop cloth as my design wall. I love it! I have to get up at the top and move one of my clips over. That's the reason for the bunching on the right edge. It's on hubby's to do list. ;)
We spent all day today in Foley, AL at the Old Time Pottery. Then, picked up a nice 2200 psi pressure washer, and honey did the back patio, shed, and siding on the back of the house. Nice work, he's the man! I was just there for moral support. Last year, the motor broke before we could pressure wash. It's nice and clean!
After=total transformation

Have a great Labor Day weekend. We will be hanging out with the family grilling! Be safe!

Blog at ya later!
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  1. Love the pillow I am sure your friends will be delighted. That a beautiful quilt top on your design wall. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Crazy Mom Finish Up Friday. Marie (

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I am in love the my fish bowl quilt. It will be wonderful in the living room.

  2. Fabulous fabric! I too am a Trekkie. Love your pillow?

    1. Thanks! I just gave him the present today. He was like a kid in a candy store. It went really well in his living room, and the fiancé like it too.

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