September 13, 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap 2

My pouch finally arrived in the mail all the way from Australia!!!!  I was super duper duper excited (like I said I would be). Believe me, I was not let down. The pouch is in Japanese fabric and a text fabric lining. Stasia put a pretty little decorative stitch on it. Which went so well that I thought it was part of the fabric. Beautiful! I love it!!!! Can you tell? :D
 This was my first swap and other than letting each other know what are likes and things were it was secret. I did get on her instagram.  Serious hush,hush buisness. I'm like a river that can't hold water. It's a saying here in the south. Basically, it's hard for me to keep a secret that is so wonderful to tell. I like to give presents early. Is anyone else like this?  I was busting at the seams. She just got my package last night (my time). I was so tempted to email her, and say, ok, what does it look like? You know, I need to watch for it in the mail. Yeah, yeah... I know it's in the package. I restrained myself.  Throw out a little gemini charm, and people are putty in my hands.  I am usually good at finding out what the secret is too.

OH yes, it's total goodness in there. She wrote, tried and true. Yes it is. I ate the ones on the top. I shared with the kids, and they are really good and the flavor like a skittles buy bigger. How many more am I going to share..hmm. Let me think on that.
Isn't this fabric just lovely. I am loving how the zipper is done.

A little text print. Swoon!
I really like this grean color. I love the flowers too. So, if you read my last post about not knowing if she likes flower prints. I guess my risk paid off!

Then, the bottom. I mean, it's just cute all over.
I am eating that wagon wheel right now! It's like a mix between a smores and moon pie. More smores than moon pie. YUMMO! I put them back in the fridge to reharden. She also sent a post card and a magnet. She sent a small koala and a little monkey with magnet hands. I will have to post later. I have to pick hubby up from the airport, and the kids snatched those two right away, and they are with them at their Grandma's house. Since hubby won't deplane until 11 pm or almost midnight they are staying the night wth gma.
This was my first swap. I did the mug rug swap second. So, far they have both been amazing. I think I will have to add Australia to the bucket list. It wasn't there before, but I have to do it now.
Stasia, if you are reading. I LOVE IT! It's beautiful and the candies are great! Thank you!
You can see the rest on Alyce's blog  Blossom Heart Quilts.
Thank you Alyce for the best swap! It was super fun, and it was worth setting my alarm at 5 am to sign up! ;)


  1. Wow! I am so honoured! What a wonderful write up and the pictures are just wonderful! BTW: it's not a monkey with magnet arms... It's a koala with magnet arms!!! Just a very odd long koala!
    Thank you for loving the pouch and the treats and thank you for my divine pouch and treats. It is currently holding a delightful knitting project and I am taking it on holidays! Xxx Stasia

    1. I totally saw that it was a koala. sorry. The other is a Kookabura. I would love to see them in real life. I am glad that you like yours too!


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