November 21, 2013

All about Owls

I am a huge fan of owls! They have a major cuteness factor. I don't know what it is about them, but they are so much fun. So, minus the hexie snowflakes, it's all owl goodness. Plus, there's a freebie. So, keep reading.

It all started when  I saw a blog post from Vera @ Negligent Style, and she made a Christmas card sleeved mug rug with some beautiful hexie snowflakes.  I love hexies!  So, I told her I was sending my address right away! I was only half kidding.... LOL She responded, go ahead and send your address. I couldn't believe it. I was like really? So, I responded, how about a little swap? How awesome is she? Pretty awesome! Because she said, sure! Those beautiful snowflakes arrived in my mailbox. Shut the front door, my mailbox. :) She was kind enough to approve this message. Thank you, Vera.


 So, I made some owls that she liked a while back, and I am going to send her a little mug rug too. I hope she will love it!  After the holidays, I am thinking a swap is in order. I am thinking mid January. Stay tuned.... I just love getting goodies in the mail.
As I was browsing my fav blogs, found this lovely Owl Calendar that is FREE! Thanks, Jessica @ How about Orange. I mean, what???  You can also make a personalized version. Which only took a few minutes. Score, I love it! 
Owl Lover 2014 Calendar

Plus, I also bought some super cute owl fabric from Joanns. I have no plan yet, but I just couldn't leave without this fabric. It's a soft, sweet print.

Maybe I am a touch obsessed with owls.  Hahaha! Look at them. Seriously, you can't tell me they aren't cute!
                                                  Ok, back to binding. Happy quilting. Blog at ya later.

Disclaimer- Everything in this blog are my own opinions. I don't have any sponsors. I'm just an average mommy/quilter/blogger. So, since they had a button, I thought I would grab it and share my love of owls.


  1. Thank you very much for calling me awesome :-) I rather give or exchange things with those that appreciate it. I'm so glad you like it. I do like owls as well :-)

    1. Your welcome, and your work is lovely. I know what you mean about appreciation though. People don't quilt, seem to not know the amount of work and cost put into something. Even the small things. :) Have a good weekend.

  2. Lucky you to have found the lovely and talented Vera for a friend! I'm equally blessed and am enjoying the little pouch from her so much. Have fun with your snowflake mug rug!

    1. I do feel really lucky! She is very talented, and her mug rug is in the living room right now looking great! Lucky you to get one of her wonderful pouches. You are super talented too with you cutesy mug rugs!

  3. Yvonne your owls just get cuter and cuter!!! I love mine! Up in my sewing room!!


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