December 22, 2013

Christmas Pressies

Hubby bought me some beautiful Briar Rose from Five Monkeys on Etsy.  It's a first! I haven't bought online. I really love these in person. They are super cute! I have rewrapped them and put them back under the tree. I am thinking on it. Maybe a purse, clutch and matching wallet.

I have decided to make a change in the way that I shop for fabrics this year. Many bloggers have discussed this in thorough detail. It's pretty brief for me.  I am going to buy the fabric that I love from the designer's I love. Most of the time that means that I will have to buy online.  I will not be sucked in by instant gratification! I waited on pins and needles for these to arrive. It was well worth the wait! 

This is my promise to myself.
I hope you accumulate a beautiful stash of your own. Blog at ya later.
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  1. Heather Ross is one of my top favourite designers and i would be so shocked if my husband even knew that to order online. so your husband gets a huge cheers from me. I agree that buying what you love judiciously gives great joy. lovely to have you link up this week.

    1. Yes, he did good. I hope you had a good Christmas and thanks for stopping by.


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