December 21, 2014

What's New for the New Year

     You know that I am a swapping fool, but I am going to try this year to focus on goals that I am setting for myself and maybe for a buisness venture. I love to quilt, and I think that it is time to take that to the next level. I have tried before, and I really wasn't ready. I feel like I am now. Swapping is fun, but it can be time consuming and costly.

List of to do for swaps:

1. Finish up Sew Sew Modern 6 Swap. Super Tote is done. Just need a small item and extras.

2. Lanyard Quilt Con Swap.

3. Schnitzelandboo, I have a plan, and I need to put it in action.

4. Rainbow Mini Swap, I am still thinking on design.

5. Starbucks Mug Rug Swap, January Sign ups! Mug rugs are just super fun and easy.

Being a swap mama is a difficult job. Making sure that others ship on time and they get everything to their partner. It's pretty time consuming. I have definetely had to take a step back from other swaps. I want to put my best effort in and it can easily become overwhelming. I understand that sometimes there are some swap addicts that need an intervention. Just know that sometimes, what you send out can reflect how busy and behind you are. As the above list goes. Two are pretty simple. One is almost complete. Two will be having my undivided attention soon. I do like to work on personal things in between.  Plus, I am a stay at home mom. So, I do have obligations, but I still have a good amount of time to make things.

1. Cuzco quilt.Pattern here. This quilt was pretty quick to get together. Probably wouldn't have taken, but one day. I just used fabrics from the stash and altered a bit because of the lack of fabric. It's still good. It took me two half days. Now, I am waiting to baste and quilt.

2. AMH Pluses Queen Quilt. I have some new AMH, and I think plenty of fabric to make this a queen. It is time consuming. I am not giving up on it though.

There's other ideas floating around in there. I have limited the number of quilts in progress so that I can finish them one at at time.

3. I do have two panels that I am working on a super tote. I need to finish these up for a bag to take to quiltcon. I do have another market tote, but I am trying to be fancy.

4. I just got some Joel Dewberry on Black Friday from Craftsy. I need to come up with an idea on what to make that will spot light these fabrics.

5. Hubby really likes the Strip Circles block from the 13 quilts with friends book.

6. I have really wanted to make the Modern City Blocks.

7. Violet Craft Pattern.

8.Large Swoon.

9. I have a paper piecing wip with Freshly Pieced that is long over. I am not good at QALs.

So far, this is the list that is traveling to next year. I know that the swaps will get done, but I am really going to try and recover from the quilt list. I would love to accomplish some of these. Plus, I have one year to get ready for the quilt show in my home town. I would love to have a quilt in some bigger shows too. How's you year looking for the future.

December 6, 2014

A Look Back

I am working on some behind the scenes things to come. I am getting ready for the New Year. I have been mostly absent this year. I apologize. Life has been really busy, and things are a changing. My mom and brother moved in a few months ago. So, life has been happening.

Personal Note Moment: I have had a very hard year. Most of you may or may not know that I have Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia. My immune system is like relatively not there. This year has been very rough in that regard. Sometimes, there have been days without sewing due to the pain and colds. Living with an invisible illness is hard, and I rarely talk about it to anyone that isn't my closest friends. Also, we had to drop me from my hubby's insurance because it was very expensive. So, I have been trying to manage it in quiet and keep a smile. The struggle is real. This is one reason I love to swap and blog. Because it makes me feel connected to all you lovelies out there taking the time to read this.  

I am sure you all would love an update on what's been going on in the sewing den here. I mostly have been posting on Instagram and swapping. You know I am a swap addict. I even started my own You Are Here Mug swap with something handmade and will be doing round 3 in January.

This is some of the sewing I have been up too. The top is some snowflakes for The Great Pillow Fight. Christmas Hexie Dumpling found here, some scrap organization, Labellacolori made this beautiful mermaid for me at the ECMQG mini scrap swap, I got some solids from our Kona swap at the ECMQG, These are my house coasters made for my partner in the Starbucks Mug Rug Swap, I love the pumpkin table runner. It was hard to put it away after Thanksgiving.  The tutorial for the table runner is here. Elsa found here on a  super tote from Noodlehead here.

I mention my local Modern Guild previously. Someone wrote a post about a year ago saying that they loved being a part of their guild. That it was the best thing that they ever did was go and see what it was like. I went, I saw, and I loved it. I am on the Hospitality Committee and the Swap Committee. I mean, the latter is a no brainer. Also, you can be an individual member, and their are perks to that too. I have made some good friends here too. It is wonderful to sit among other creative and talented quilters.

I have started on my sew sew modern6 swap. The NY Beauty block is so pretty from here.

I really want to incorporate this into a tote. So, I had to minimize to 65%. I must be crazy. So, there is definitely some wonkiness going on here. They are not perfectly lined up, but I think I am going to leave it. I hoarded some of this cotton and steel. It is so beautiful!  Plus I got  some scraps on the IG destash #thegreatfabricdestash. I really hope that my partner will love it. I am in love with this. I truly enjoy making something that I know someone else will appreciate. 

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