January 14, 2016

Easy Clutch

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I am still loving pictures as tutorials. I made up a whole pdf file, but this is just the way that I like a pattern. Maybe, I can just put in the link for the people that would like to print it out in the future. This shouldn't take long at all to whip up.

A tutorial

To start you will need:
  • 808 craft fuse or medium interfacing that is fusible.
  • Shapeflex 101 or lightweight interfacing
  • 1 Exterior Fabric A fat quarter will work
  • 1 Lining A fat quarter will work that coordinates
  • 1 magnetic snap
  • 1 Small circular object. I used a dessert plate.
  • A marking pencil
Before we start, I thought I would briefly cover some tips. When working with any fusible interfacings, you would want to turn off the steam on your iron. It took me a while to figure that out. Also, the SF101 or lightweight interfacings seems easy to fuse.  The craft fuse 808 takes a bit longer to heat and fuse.
Cut Exterior, Lining and 2 of each interfacing at 12.5" x9.5" Cut 2 2"x2" pieces of 808 craft fuse for the snap.
Now, you take the SF 101 or lightweight fabric and fuse is the wrong side of both Exterior and lining. Next, fuse the Craft Fuse 808 shiny side down and iron right on top of the SF101.
Now for the fun stuff!

Magnetic snap. I have put my fabrics wrong sides together as if they are already sewn.  I have folded the bottom up 4 1/2 inches. I have folded the top down of the lining 2 3/4" for snap placement. I have came in one inch from the edge and 4 1/2 inches from the side and mark for snap if you are doing a 1/2" seam allowance around the outside.

I placed a 2"x2" piece of craftfuse down, and remarked measurement. I cut two very small slits with a craft knife. This can be done with scissors, but you will need to be careful that the whole is not too big or you will see it. It just needs to be big enough for the prongs of the snap to go through the fabric.
Here's the snap on the lining side of the fabric.

This is what it looks on the back.  You will need to slide the round piece on that come in the package with the slots. This piece and the interfacing help stabilize the snap.

Now that this snap is in place, I am going to press it down where I would like the pouch to close. This can give you some wiggle room on the placement and fold of the clutch making the clutch deeper or shallow as you like it.
   Place the other 2"x 2"  interfacting on the back side and center where the mark corresponds on the front. Cut two  slits about 1/4' apart like before and put the round piece on to secure.
This is what it should be looking like at this point.
Now, you will take the top and bottom and put them right sides together. The snaps should be on opposite ends. We are going to mark the curve.
(If you would like a square clutch, you can skip this step.)
I have my corners of fabrics lined up on the mat below. I have set a dessert plate at the two inch mark on either side for the corner of the interfacing. I marked with a pencil. Do this on the other top corner to make the curve on the clutch flap.

This is how it should look. Now, trim off the corners on the pencil line.

Once that is complete, you will sew  1/2" seam allowance around  leaving a 3 1/2" opening in the side of the clutch for turning. Backstitch before and after your opening.  Remember to take your time  on the curve.  I have clipped the corners. Remember not to trim to close and snip you thread.
Now, you will turn it right side out. Poke out the corners with a chopstick or turning tool. Making sure not to punch through the fabric while poking out corners.
 I used to do this all the time.
This is nice and turned. Press and get some wrinkles out. You can naturally fold the opening and press.Also, make sure that you have a nice matching topstitching thread for the exterior and interior.  
My topstitching still needs work. I usually go for an 1/8" around the outside of the exxterior. This will close the turning hole as well. Now, you will turn this over and fold up the bottom about 4 1/4" and make sure that the placement is good for the snap. You can crease the bottom of the fold and pin.
 ****If you want to add a strap. You could at this step. I will modify at a later time. I just wanted to stitch this up quickly. ****
Sew from the bottom to the top of the pocket that you have created on the outside right over the topstitching or make a second line if you like. Backstitch at beginning and end on both sides.
 Here's a side view. This has been stitched, but it will look like this when you fold up the bottom to make the pocket. It is a nice stream lined accessory. It only took about an hour with photo breaks.

 You are ready to go. Throw your keys, phone, and a little wallet in side. It is good for coupons.  I will modify for this step. You could, in a pinch, do Velcro if you like.

A quick and easy clutch for everyday or special occasions.
I hope you found this tutorial helpful. You can modify it easily. You could do patchwork, quilt as you go. I added a Hedgehog to the last one. I just centered the paper piecing at the top and added fabric to the side.
Happy sewing! Thanks for stopping by.

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