January 13, 2016

Finish-A-Long Q1 2016

     Hi everybody! Welcome to 2016 and my little blog. I just did a little revamp around here. I hope that you like it. I have been neglecting my little space for quite some time. While others stuck it out, I almost vanished from the blogging universe. I have missed it so much. Life has been crazy to say the least. So, I have a plan to scale back a little and get back to my roots. It's time to flourish. I hope you will stick around for the journey.

 I am going to make big goals and reach for them.   

I am thinking about switching over to make a Quilty Dream blog. That is what the name is on everything else. For now, I wanted to get in on the FAL Quarter 1. I definitely have some wips going on in this room. So, it is about time to make some quilts. Who's with me?

Wonderful WIPS 

There's several places to link up and you can find the info here.
 Hemishperes- Seriously, this is a few years old. This one has been moved from the design wall, to the drawer, and to a cabinet. Until the other day, I thought I had really lost it.*** Seriously!** Nope, it is still here, and it is going back on the list. It is supposed to be lap size. The pattern is from City Stitches blog here.

This is another oldie but goodie. I love these AMH pluses.  So what is the problem? I have no idea at this point. I am just going to look at this as an opportunity. This is supposed to be an epic AMH queen quilt. These blocks are 6 inches finished. I have 50 more cut to sew. It is back up on the design wall. I just took it out of timeout. I was hoping it would inspire me...not yet. ::sigh::
This beauty is 2015 Bee Hive Swarm that the lovely Alyce hosted over here. She has tons of beautiful block tutorials. This one is just begging to be made.
This will be a lap size quilt.
This is my 2014 Bee Quilt. This is also in my drawer of wips. I am ready to get this one done too. It came from the book 13 quilts with friends. It is called Ziggy Stardust. I believe I will make it a twin for my daughter. She will love that.

     This is from the #BClogcabinswap on Instagram. I have these trimmed and ready to piece. I even decided on a backing. However, I feel that it is wrong to put this together. Why, well this is the most recent quilt that is ready. I may do one of the others quilts first, just to feel better about finishing this one early. I know this must seem silly, but totally true.

I love everything about these blocks.

These are the blocks that I won in the PensacolaMQG Block Lottery. Well, they were gifted to me. I can't win another block lottery until they become a top of something. I am thinking table runner.  These are blocks using the Sidekick ruler by Jaybird Quilts.
 Last one is a screenshot of the Rainbow mini quilt swap that I am have laid out. The pattern is from Love Quilting Magazine. It is called Elegant Esme by Lynne Goodman.  
Here's some drunkard's path that I am working on Shades of Black. I had no business starting, but I did and here they are on this list. This will be a mini.

This is from the book 13 quilts with friends. I cut these wrong, but I though I would make a mini and quilt it. This one is just for fun. I love these colors. I am thinking about a scrappy quilt with these.

There are plenty more projects that I would like to do, but I am going to stop here. I hope to bust through this list.
I just wanted to end this post with some encouraging words.
Happy Sewing!


  1. I think you're very brave to finish all these quilts. They are so beautiful ! I love them all ! Good luck !

    1. Thank you! I guess bravery should be my word for the year. :) Good luck on yours too.

  2. Your projects are lovely Yvonne! Good luck! I like your new blog name too.

    1. Thanks Vera! It has been a while friend. I have missed the blogging world. Thank you for stopping by.

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