August 25, 2016

Vouching System to Me

Good morning beautiful swappers.  I am so happy to bring round 8 to you. You are really all very close to me like a little swap family and good friends. I really enjoy sharing this and seeing all the mugs and joy you get from opening your packages. Plus, appreciating all your beautiful work on your mug rugs. The way that you have supported me in my life as well. Thank you so much for coming back each time and letting me take a break from this at times to rejuvenate. As you know, I take a lot of thought and care with this swap. Which brings me to this topic....

The Vouching System 

*****Disclaimer- These are my thought and reasonings along with personal struggles with being a swap mama and the cost and effort that it takes to run. This is only to bring clarity and not to upset anyone. If you are upset by anything stated here, I apologize. ****

I would like to take a moment to let my returning people that ship on time and are so wonderful that you can read further and know that none of this should affect you or your ability to vouch. I fear that I need to explain my reasons to new swappers and swap mamas. 

This swap has been my baby from the beginning. Some swappers become great friends and being with each other through great tragedy and ups and downs of life. I have worked with many people that have been in need and always take great care when dealing with any situation. Sometimes, as they say, things come up and people cannot send a package. Honestly, I have come by my own monetary problems as well throughout these swaps. 

As a romantic, I guess, or maybe naivety I believe that people are all good and will send. I try to believe this about people. 

1 round, I sent 6 angel packages.  

I thought I was done at that point. I had broken our bank account and my belief in people. I just couldn't stop the swap because of the other 100 people that do an amazing swap.So, I thought long and hard. I thought about tracking who sent what and when and bug-a-boo them about their confirmation numbers for shipping, not for me.  I conversated with friends on how we could minimize the angel damage. By angel, I mean, sending a package to someone who doesn't get a package. Someone that has been a great swapper and sent a package already. 

    Let me put this in facts for you.

Fact, a mug is 10.95
Shipping 10.00-25.00
International 25.00-45.00
Time: priceless :)
Getting a mug that the other swapper doesn't have- interesting and can be pricey.
I believe that I spent at least 500.00 last year on postage and mugs for this swap.

I have had to personally stop doing other swaps to fund this one. I have even sat out rounds during this swap. Asking someone to angel for another is not at all what I want to do. In fact, it really makes me cringe. With that being said, by round 3 or 4, I had to ask for angels. They spent their hard earned money. Without them, this swap wouldn't happen.

I respect  and love that about you all!

The idea of vouching instead of going completely to a private swap was the only way to save this and let other people have the joy and excitement that they wanted. It makes me happy, and I have built great friendships here. 

A returning swapper can vouch.

Returning swappers, they understand me and my quirks. They know when I am angry and upset. I believe that they do. Like, when I am really crazed that 50 people haven't sent, and I haven't slept all night because I am wondering how I can buy all those mugs. This is very true and makes me crazy. They also know that their spot will be on the line if the vouchee doesn't send. Even though, push come to shove, I would help them any way I could. I don't want them to find out that their friend didn't send. 

A non- Starbucks Mug Rug Swapper or Swap Mama

Like I said earlier, I put out very good details about the swap through email and partner emails. Another thing that a returning swapper can do is keep in contact and answer their vouchees questions. They can let them know certain things and be their for support for them. I outsider that vouches will be sending you in blind and this causes more emails and questions. I don't mind the questions, but they can be very overwhelming.

Edit: I also like to take on 3 new people each time. 

TRUTH: More than 1 person hasn't known that we are swapping YAH Mugs. 

I do this swap for my friends and myself. I do have a husband and two children. I drive them to school everyday. I stay home and clean house. I make all the meals. I do all the errands. I am the VP of the Pensacola Modern Quilt Guild. I love to quilt,read, and watch tv. I spend time with my family. 

I do this for free, even though, it costs me alot of time and money.
Sometimes, headaches.

Please respect this and know that this is a well laid out plan. I take great care to be fair and kind. Please do the same. So, vouching for 6 people is not something that I think anyone should do if they are taking this seriously. My returning swappers know this and use very high discretion. 
I appreciate that about you all. I hope this helps you understand the process.

Happy Swapping


  1. Hi Yvonne,
    I'm a fairly new swapper. Like you, I believe the good in people until they make me admit that they didn't deserve my faith.

    I happened across your Starbucks Mug Rug Swap by accident. One of my new swapper friends posted their acceptance into your swap. I collect Starbucks mugs and thought this would be perfect for me, so I attempted to join. That's how I found out that I would not necessarily be free join.

    Hurt feelings? LOL - sure. Feeling like you're being judged before you've failed to disappoint is not fun. But after reading this post, I totally get it. Like I said, I'm a fairly new swapper. However, I have a friend who has been burned.

    Anyhoo. I don't know if you are looking for angels, but I would love to be a standby angel if you need one. You can see my Instagram page ... @theyvetterene. I also have a Pinterest. I think it's YvetteRene3? LOL

    Look forward to hearing from you, if you need me.

    Swap-Newbie Yvette

    1. Hi Yvette,

      I really try to be fair and understanding. I thought this would shed some light on the fact that I am not trying to be some elite private group that doesn't let new people in and hate that your feelings are hurt. Seriously, I am a big softie. If you wait near the end, that is usually when I will vouch. Stick with me, and you will see, I am not that bad. ;)

    2. Goodness. Please know that I don't think you're the boogie man or anything. What I failed to say in my earlier comment is THIS IS YOUR SWAP! You're the one doing all the heavy lifting, so in the end what you say goes. And if anyone is ticked off about that (even ME), so be it. For now, I'm just gonna stalk the IG posts. LOL

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this. It helps me understand where youre coming from and I appreciate that. I am also (at the moment) an outsider to this swap. I've been thankful to have 2 people vouch for me but I have not received a link to the form yet. I understand you're busy (I host hexie swaps, so I get it!) and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know. :) Thanks again for all you do!
    -Brandi @lunardreams1

    1. Brandi,
      I sent you the form by email. Thank you for being patient. Hosting is hard. This is even harder. I wish for an easy swap. I personally partner everyone based on what they might want. I have to check on what they have or what they can get. Also, will they ship international. There's no easy way to do this. It takes days. I am glad you stopped by to read this. Thanks, Yvonne

  3. Yvonne-

    This swap makes me want to go out and buy Starbucks mugs so I could hopefully one day in the future get vouched to join! I think the idea is awesome! :) is there any way I could get on a waiting list or something for future swaps? (I'm responsible and would definitely cover an angel if something were to happen... The guilt of not taking that accountability would eat at me).


  4. $500. I just threw up in my mouth a little!


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