January 31, 2012

Pretty Pincushion Ring



I am really excited about this pincushion. They are really pretty and simple. I will also be showing a turning technique in here as well.  I need  better camera.  It would be nice to set the camera on timer. So that I can demonstrate better. One more thing that I need. However, I go to the store, and I am not at all thinking about the camera. I’ll get around to it.

This is a small tupperware lid (about 5 inches across). You could do this from a scrap piece of fabric. I just drew around it, and cut.




You will need:

* 5 inch strip x 1 1/2 inches wide

*marking pencil.   (any will do)


* 3 to 4 inch 1/4 elastic

* needle and thread


*bottle cap

*safety pin

* hot glue gun and at least half stick of glue (You could use another kind of glue, but I like hot glue.)


Set the stitch length to the longest setting. Stitch all the way around. Once that is done. You hold one side of the thread and push back the fabric. Try not to push fabric to hard, or you will break the thread. You can also hand stitch along the edge. It’s small enough that it actually is easier for me to hand stitch. You will just double the thread and knot the end.


Now, we can start filling with polyfill. As you fill it up, you can begin to draw the circle closed with the thread. Once that is done, you will take the needle and go through several times to get the middle secure. It doesn’t have to look good, noone is going to see this part.


Next, take the 5 inch strip. Fold it in half with right sides together and sew 1/4 inch seam.


This is the turning technique. Take the safety pin and put it through one side of the fabric (like above) Now, bring the top of the pin down into the opening and push the pin down through the fabric.


Take about 3 to 4 inch elastic and put the safety pin on one end. You will feed this into fabric. (shown below)


I am holding the fabric and pin with my fingers. You don’t want to cover the left end of the elastic.


When it is poking out, put this under the machine and sew. You will need to go forward and back a couple time to make sure the stitch holds elastic in place.


To make sure the pin keeps the elastic out on this side. I simply take it straight to the sewing machine and sew down. Then, I removed the safety pin.


Take the bottle cap, a piece of fabric a little larger than the cap, and hot glue the fabric down.



It comes out looking like this on the top of the cap. Don’t worry about the underside. We are going to cover that in a minute.


Hot glue the one side down. Then, wrap the elastic band under and come back up on the other side and hot glue the other end.


Now, Take the ball that goes on top. I applied hot glue to the whole inside of cap. I put the sewn side of lime ball down and push it together for a few minutes to set the glue.




Mackenzie (daughter 6) thinks this is pretty. She wants one too. Maybe, I will just make a small one for her. I had fun doing this pincushion. I do have another one to post as well. I am going to make some changes to it first. I am looking forward to trying this out with some of my upcoming sewing projects. I believe, I am going to make a wrist band too. The tomato is just not cutting it.

I hope that you don’t find the turning technique daunting. I sure did, and this is a real cheap and easy way to do it. There are turning tools out there, but I like this technique best. Plus, I have plenty of safety pins hanging around here. I hope you enjoyed this post. I will blog at you later.

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