April 28, 2012

Stars and Chain Quilt

Here it is, the finished quilt. I love it! I think it is beautiful. I am glad that it is done.  We are closing on our home May 7th. So, I have been sewing and sewing. I had a friend, Ayna Nixon, come down and sewed with me. Some of the time went by fast. I enjoyed her visit. I got all the blocks together and borders on while she was here. I have some photos. I will be sharing that in a separate blog. Boy was I tired by the the time she left. Whew! I am sew proud of this quilt!
This is the back. Pretty simple!
These are the leaves that I took around the brown outside border.
In the above photo, I shadow quilted around the stars.
In the middle of star, there is a four petal flower.
On the chain, I quilted a bigger flower. Four big petals around the X, and four small petals in between.

Just another view.
     I gotta get to packing and cleaning. I want to work on some of my smaller projects. So, I gotta go. Happy sewing!

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