April 13, 2012

Sashing makes it all better


I added this sashing. It was really simple, and I love the look. I have been super busy. Kids, husband, and holiday. Also, we are getting a house. The contract was accepted, and we are waiting on title search. We are extremely happy. Especially, since I will be able to have a designated sewing area….amazing!  The inspection went well. It’s a 3/2 on a corner lot. The backyard is fenced and it has a 10*10 detached garage for my hubby. Hopefully, we will be closing in the next 3 weeks. Yay! Anyway, let’s back to sewing.

10 5/8 *1 3/4 inch strips of dark fabric

1 3/4 inch squares.

The first step is making a set of two blocks.IMAG0469

We are going to put the sashing strip down with right sides together.  I pinned at the top and the bottom. You always want to be sewing with the sashing up. This will help feed the bottom through, and any thing that isn’t fully square will line up.


Once that block is sewn. I am going to lay the star with sashing strip right sides together and pin sashing to chain block (as shown above).


Make two sets of these. (Above)


Now, we are going to take a strip and square and sew them together.  Then, take another strip and sew it to the other side of the square with right sides together. You will end up with this strip. (shown above)


Now, take two block set and strip set place it right sides together at the bottom of the block and pin where the middle square meets the sashing on the set of two. Sew it together.


Now that you’ve sewn that together, it will look like this photo above. You will lay another set of two blocks with right sides together and sew.  You have a four block set. I took all my four block sets and laid them out on the bed. You will need to attach another long strip set with the square in the middle to connect the sides.  I sewed each of them together. The sashing is not needed on outer edge of quilt top. I am at the stage of putting on two borders. Then, I will do binding. I am really excited that quilt top is almost done.

I want to share a photo of the house. Enjoy your weekend…


…………………..Love it!

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