July 31, 2013

Update on 10 Thing to do for Summer

I am tackling my list for summer. I came out fighting. Behind the scenes, this is all that's been going on over here. I usually don't type this much out, but I thought it would be nice to share a little bit today.
    I have started a flickr account. Flickr name is yvcampbell. I have friends and relatives that sew and some of their pretties are on there too. Woohoo! I am still learning about flickr. At first, I think I was adding people to my friends circles. Well, if you sew, then of course you can be my friend. Come on over and we'll sew the day away. Truly, though, I figured out that there is a regular follow box that can be checked. :) This post has been sitting waiting to be edited for a little while, and I am really enjoying flickr.

Free form quilting. It's not perfect, but it's mine.

I set up the tutorial page. Progress of any kind is good.
I am ready for borders on the rail fence quilt. Finally! You know what, I am going to tell ya'll the biggest secret. I use my seam ripper almost as much as my cutter. Plus, I've been using it so much lately. I had to take all the borders off and rearrange one row of blocks to make the rail fence the actual size I wanted it to be. I seam ripped all day on it.

 I sewed the row back on the other side and the way it was pieced was totally not right. I didn't realize it until I was showing it to my hubby with all the borders on it. Pooie! I threw that stinkin' thing in the sewing room, and I was just mad as heck. Sometimes, I have to walk away. Anyway, while being in the living room and in my room so the kids could watch the living room tv, and then the kitchen table with the seam ripper. I have misplaced the seam ripper. This is my tip for the day, have more than one seam ripper. Bahahaha. All laughing aside, if the rain quits, I am getting another seam ripper. How many seam rippers do ya'll have??
Seriously, it was in the laundry room!

This morning, I left my laptop by the bedside so that I could wake super early to be apart of sweet  pouch swap hosted by Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts. I think I made it. I'm super excited...
Two weeks later-So, I have to keep a lid on what I made for my swap partner, Stasia. I just need my candies now, and I have no worries at all that those will be loved. I fretted over the look and the fabric. I started on something, and then I finally got to see her stuff on Instagram, and she uses some brighter more graphic prints. So, I ditched my paper piecing with solids for something else. Stay tuned for those pics....
While I was catching up on my blogs, the other day,  I saw Ros' post about  international mailings over @ Sew Delicious. I asked her about Australia and that I wanted to make sure and send something unique. It surprised me that they don't have a Joanns in every town. Wow, and their prices on fabric is like double ours. She was very sweet to say that anything sent will be appreciated. I finished the bag yesterday, and I slept like a baby last night. It must just be the unknown, since this is my first swap. 

I took some time this morning and worked on some scrap cutting. It really makes it easier and less bulk. Although, I am still not a fan of cutting. The cutter here is one of my favorite tools. It puts less pressure on my wrist. It's a good thing. I realize that taking photos at 12:00p.m., equals very nice photos.

I set up a linky party for the Farmer's Wife QAL. Woohoo! I used this tutorial from A Turn to Learn. I super excited to see everyone's work, and I linked up with WIP Freshly Pieced.

I am having some blog difficulties. I usually do though. I am not a techie at all!  I spend days figuring things out on here. One of the issues is I can't make the comments visible. While trying to figure out how to make them visible, I realized that I had it set up so that you could only post a comment if you had google plus. So, I said bye bye to that. If anyone knows the magic solution for making comments visible, please let me know.

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