August 7, 2013

Farmer's Wife QAL Bock 2 and 3

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Here's the picture of the book. I forgot that last time. Ooops.
Block 2 Autumn Tints
I like to put the pin on the side where I am sewing the seam. It can easily get turned around from table to sewing machine.
I put the top on right sides together.
I didn't photo the pin.

Just sewing along at this point.

I have this one pinned.


There nice and sewn.
Now, on to the final seam.

It's super quick and pretty easy. It makes me happy.

However, I can honest say, the basket was fine until I got to that handle. Ugh, I am just going to deal with it for now, but I am going to have to redo it. Bad handle.

There's two different templates for the handle I will use the other and applique  raw edge.

These are all my happy pieces.

I sewed on the two triangles. I have more photos, but this is a really picture heavy post. So, I took it down a notch.

It's moving along smoothly at this point.

It's still going...

I am almost ready for the last seam.

This is the last seam. Sewing the halves together.
::I didn't want to show the huge flop of the handle. Be sure that you can do it better.::
I cut the handle on the bias and folded the edges under. I ziz zagged around the outer edge, and then went along the inside. I just didn't want to use the raw edge piece, but next time that's what I'm going to do. I am making a new rule. I am going to follow my gut.

Now, this makes 3! I love progress!
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  1. I really want to do this quilt. I love the blocks and the final sampler is always fabulous. It is on my long "to do list".

  2. I'm sure you could catch up at any time. :) I saw so many going around last year, and I never got around to getting the book. It's fun taking it a little bit at a time.

  3. You are making great progress with the Farmer's Wife Quilt. I've seen quite a few making these blocks and yep! just another one I would like to do. Your quilt will be quite lovely when all the blocks are put together!

  4. I really am enjoying this process, and I hope it does turn out lovely. I just started something yesterday that wasn't on the list. So, ha to the list (for today).


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