August 8, 2013

Octagon Quilt Block

Just popping in..
This is the mock up for the blocks and pieces. I have to cut the rest of the little wedges. I am finding that the points are going to be super difficult. The iron and starch are my bff's (best friends forever). I know most people don't put out their mistakes, but I don't mind showing you my frustrations and mistakes.  It's part of it. I'm committed to this quilt though. I think it's going to be a beautiful lap quilt.
Update later in the evening....
Block number 1 that I made earlier is in the top left. The bottom right is the last block of the evening. I figured out the kinks. Yeah! I didn't give up.
This is how we
I am getting back to it.
This is Sunday's progess...
This is 7 down out of 24.
Family time this weekend. We went to Five Flags Speedway and saw our first race. It was awesome! Then, there was the demolition derby. It was fun watching all the cars get smashed and one caught on fire.

I was sewing, and then hubby wanted to go to Home Depot. We got some paint samples for the kitchen. This is what it will look like. I didn't paint out the trim or the door frame. I did paint a little on the left. Now, it's back to sewing.
Blog at ya later.


  1. Practice makes perfect.

    Actually, this is a test of your comments. I hope you can see this.


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