August 13, 2013

Making a Blog Header

      I wanted to give my thanks and pass on these awesome tutorials to update your blog
Alice @ Mums make Lists goes over tons of tips for bloggers like me that don't know what is going on with their blog. I have been wishing for a year and a half for a blog that looks special. It is ode to her blog. Plus a link that I found there.

      Before that it was boring and who wants boring?? Not me! I want a beautiful blog just like the  that I see all the time, and paying someone else isn't going to happen. I updated my header using this tutorial from Ashton @ Something Swanky. Pic Monkey is easy to use, and that's saying a lot coming from me. Hahaha. I can sew the heck out of something, but this blog gets me in a hissy! Yes, a full blown hissy fit, that's right!

     This is just a side note, I saw some SUPER delicious recipes over there at Something Swanky. I shouldn't pin them, but I am so going too.

     I guess I should throw in a photo of something.....

I am so proud of this...hehehe
It's yucky out today. While I was working on Pic Monkey, we were getting a street light installed. 

I also joined a mug rug swap 2013 on This is my mosaic inspiration that I pulled from Flickr for my secret partner. They are all so cute.
I'm going to get back to my sewing now. I hope you enjoy the new look!  Blog at ya later.

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