August 14, 2013

Farmer's Wife QAL Block 4 and 5

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I have been sewing on my Octagon Fish Quilt and had to take a few minutes to get a couple of the
Farmer's Wife blocks together.  This one is super easy. So, I just took a couple photos.

 Block 4 Basket Weave
I cut the template out. I cut four strips of each. Then, attached the 3 strips in a set. I attached the sets together top and bottom. The last seam was in the middle. Don't forget to pin the middle.
 This block is growing on me. So far, I have been using all my scraps.

 Block 5 Bat Wing
It's not my favorite, but that's ok. They can't all be my favorites.
I jut wanted to show how I cute my triangles out. I cut them from a strip.

It's pretty simple.  I always keep in mind that the  bias edge, bias grain is across the fabric,  love to shift.

 Here's all my pieces.


I like to lay them right out next to me on my table. When I was sewing in the kitchen,  I used to used a tv tray. They are perfect! I sewed the bottom together. You can see that the I am working on piecing the top section. I will sew the other side. They will be overlapping where the points meet.

I sewed the middle together. One on each side. Then, I am sewing the top on the middle. I pinned jut a bit. If by chance you are not lined up, it's ok. I take the short side and put it on top while I am sewing. This lets the feed dogs work on the bottom, and I can stretch the top a bit. It works. It just can't be way different in length.

It's all done for today.


I got to get the kids lunch ready, and then maybe do a bit of cleaning. I promised the kids we would go downtown to the fountain pad and let them play.
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  1. Your blocks looks great. I have finished block #4, but not #5. I need to find some time to work on my FW quilt, but not sure when that will happen!

    1. I would love to see pics of yours. Come back and show them off! At this rate, it's going to be awhile for me. :)

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  3. Your blocks are looking great! Lovely fabric choices!

  4. Love your FW blocks! I just ordered the book last night and can't wait for it to arrive :)

    1. I looked everywhere in town and went back to look a few weeks later. Nothing. I took a small trip about a couple hours away to get it. It sounds silly now, but I wanted that book. Haha. Hope you can join up soon.

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