September 27, 2013

Finish for Friday

The fish bowl quilt is done. I am so happy with how it came out! I tried a new technique for binding here. It was on my happy list to do. Which means, I get to keep it. It was thought up just for my living room, and it really does brighten it up with all the browns I have in there.

It has been really dreary here. So, not the best time to take photos. 
I'm also still working on the rings quilt. I am going to applique the pieces to the top today. Yay! This was on the summer list of to dos. Most of the placement will be like it is here.
Plus there is the Zakka Along

I have four of my MSBHQAL done. You can find the link with Molli Sparkles! Get your quilt on!!
Molli Sparkles

So many others are finishing. Eeek! I am behind. I just really have to work on these other quilts as well. Each block takes about 30 minutes for me to make once everything is cut. I have 12 more blocks which I decided to keep in these colors above.  I should e able to devote one day to the top, and then, one day to quilting. Maybe, just maybe, I can catch up.

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  1. your fish bowl quilt amazing.

    1. Thank you, This was my first battle of Y seams. I think I got the hang of it by the last block. lol

  2. Looove all that colour - looks awesome!!! Your dreary looks a lot like my dreary, very rainy and grey here too - colourful quilts are good for that!!!!

  3. Love the fishbowls. Great fabric and great fussy cutting makes for a fabulous finish.

    1. Thank you! It took a little longer with all the fussy cutting, but it was worth it. :)


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