September 9, 2013

My First Quilt

This is my first quilt. I made this in May 2010 for my daughter Mackenzie. I have been sewing long before this and had an unfinished top. I just didn't know how to finish it. That quilt top is long gone. I wish I would've kept it. I was in my 20's, and definitely not thinking of the future me. Haha! I had assistance from my mil with everything. She stood by and watched and counseled. The embroidery is the only part not done by me. I still don't have one of those machines.
 It was like magic! I don't know if it was beginner's luck or what, but it turned out beautiful. All the lines are in the right place. I haven't gotten this close to perfection since this quilt. Aw well, love is blind! 

My first quilt with Roxie posing.

my first time link party


  1. What a beautiful first quilt! Something to cherish! Sweet pup picture too! My little dog would be doing the same thing if given the chance. I never would have guessed in my 20s that I would be a quilter in my 30s! Funny where life takes us. Thanks for playing along with the link party!

  2. Roxie is so cute! Love the quilt too!

    1. Thanks! I love her sweet face and the quilt too!

  3. Thank you! Can you believe that we got her at the humane society. Look at that sweet face, and she was kennel trained and great with the kids.

  4. It is lovely and such fun colors..stopping by from the linky party.. I also just love Paper Piecing Party at Quiet Play..


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