September 11, 2013

WIP- Piece of Cake Shopping Bag

I have been super excited seeing everyone doing the Zakka Along 2.0 with the book Patchwork Please by Ayumi. I am not in the loop really since I just got the book two weeks after this bag was made. . The first thougt process on making this was obvious to me. I mean, have you seen this bag? It looks awesome! I had to make one or three! We go to the beach a lot and pool parties here in Pensacola, FL. Plus, this bag has a draw string top. How many times does a tote fall over and everything falls out??? For me, that would be all the time. Hahaha!
I saw a lot of them being made for prizes. Then, Leanne @ She Can Quilt, said that she could fit two large quilts in it, and it looked like there was still a bit of room. I was completely sold. I got the outer bag pieced today. It truly is a work in progress. I was starting to get tired and mistakes are sure to follow at that point. So, I called it a night.

UPDATE: It's complete! It's HUGE!

Don't mind the mess!
I toook the adviseabout the lining being 1/2 inch shorter. It was no big deal to trim it.I upcycled, I love that word, my table cloth. It was from target, and I already had it at the house. Free is awesome! I did a little 1/8 inch seam on the top drawstring part to the lining before trying to pin all three together. It turned out to be a great idea. ;)

This is the bag fully loaded. If it was a car it would have the back up camera. Haha!
However, the handles will not go over the shoulder when fully packed. I will have to make another on and adjust the strap. I'd say making it 8 inches longer would be perfect.

If you only put like a few towels or something like that. It does go on the shoulder, but it's snug.

Inside peak. There's two beach towels, 2 regular towels a twin sheet,my huge purse, and a full bag of chips.

I could probably get another towel or a change of clothes or something in there. Don't forget flip flops.  If I was 20, I could fit my whole life in here. Hehehe! This is going to be a beach bag. This is the one you want. I'm a native Floridian, this is #1 tip of the year!!! I can't wait to get this thing to the beach!

This really is huge!
I placed my pocket and sewed it onto the exterior. This was quick and easy.
Now, this is where it got interesting. I didn't get the webbing, and that's not a big deal. I decided to just use the duck cloth. However, I had to be a little creative since my fabric width was 40" and the strap is supposed to be 43."
I cut 2 pieces duck cloth to 6" by 40". Then, I cut 2 pieces of  4"x6" coordinating fabric and 2 pieces of duck cloth with a 1/2 inch seam.

I cut the long handle in half. Then, I sewed the pieces together like above.  Then, attached the other side of the handle.

I pressed the seams open.
I am going to take the handle length wise and fold it in half. Iron it for the crease.

 Then, open it back up and fold each side in towards  the middle crease. This makes it a 2 inch handle and pretty sturdy without adding interfacing. At this point though, I was totally kicking myself for not buying the webbing. I guess, I was just trying to be difficult today.

I sewed an 1/8 inch stitch down each edge.

I lined up my handles on the first bag. Then, for the back I laid it right on top of the front piece and lined it up that way. It was easier than measuring at the bottom.
I found the directions about putting all the sides together in one long piece and  the pleating a little intense. I reread it like 3 times. Then, I flipped the page and saw the pleats. Wow,  was that a blonde moment? I don't know. I started out here by pinning one corner and then pinning the opposite corner. Then, fill in with pins.

At this point, I got tired. It was not sinking into my brain at all.  I was trying to read how to put in the expandable top and there are no pictures. Apparently, I am fond of pics. :) I think I got it, but tomorrow I will hopefully have a  fresh set of eyes.

I also got my mug rug from my swap. I sent mine, and the owls are LOVED! Yay!! Then, I got my beautiful package from Leslie Bud aka Lesliecan'tstopquilting on Ipernity. She did an amazing job. I love the Alexander Henry fabric. Plus, all the goodies she sent with it were amazing. I squealed like a little girl. :P I love swaps!

Happy Sewing! Blog at ya later!

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    1. Thanks, I am getting back to my finish first thing this morning. I just have to run my munchkins to school.

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  3. I've seen a couple of these bags floating around the interwebs and i still can't get over how big it is! I love how you added in the bits to make you handles the right size. I think your way looks way better than just regular webbing! Great work!

    1. It huge! I added some more photos to show it complete and full. I wish that the straps were actually longer.Thanks, sometimes it works out, and I love it when that happens.

  4. I LOVE your bag!! The way you made those handles is so clever!!

    1. Thanks! I didn't have any webbing. So, it was time to be creative. I love how big this bag is making it a PERFECT beach tote!


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