November 21, 2013

All about Owls

I am a huge fan of owls! They have a major cuteness factor. I don't know what it is about them, but they are so much fun. So, minus the hexie snowflakes, it's all owl goodness. Plus, there's a freebie. So, keep reading.

It all started when  I saw a blog post from Vera @ Negligent Style, and she made a Christmas card sleeved mug rug with some beautiful hexie snowflakes.  I love hexies!  So, I told her I was sending my address right away! I was only half kidding.... LOL She responded, go ahead and send your address. I couldn't believe it. I was like really? So, I responded, how about a little swap? How awesome is she? Pretty awesome! Because she said, sure! Those beautiful snowflakes arrived in my mailbox. Shut the front door, my mailbox. :) She was kind enough to approve this message. Thank you, Vera.


 So, I made some owls that she liked a while back, and I am going to send her a little mug rug too. I hope she will love it!  After the holidays, I am thinking a swap is in order. I am thinking mid January. Stay tuned.... I just love getting goodies in the mail.
As I was browsing my fav blogs, found this lovely Owl Calendar that is FREE! Thanks, Jessica @ How about Orange. I mean, what???  You can also make a personalized version. Which only took a few minutes. Score, I love it! 
Owl Lover 2014 Calendar

Plus, I also bought some super cute owl fabric from Joanns. I have no plan yet, but I just couldn't leave without this fabric. It's a soft, sweet print.

Maybe I am a touch obsessed with owls.  Hahaha! Look at them. Seriously, you can't tell me they aren't cute!
                                                  Ok, back to binding. Happy quilting. Blog at ya later.

Disclaimer- Everything in this blog are my own opinions. I don't have any sponsors. I'm just an average mommy/quilter/blogger. So, since they had a button, I thought I would grab it and share my love of owls.

November 13, 2013

Farmer's Wife QAL Block 6, 7, and 8

It's back and in full swing. I reexamine the fabrics I was using. I don't have much of a stash to pull from for the blocks. It seemed like they were all over the place. So, I chose some Moda fabrics about a month ago. I remade the blocks I had. Now, here we are again!  If you have some Farmer's Wife blocks, link it up, at the bottom of this post. I would love to see them.

  Block 6 Big Dipper
Block 7 Birds in the Air

I made all my small squares first. Then, I started building from there.

I put all the little triangles. Then, start building each section.


Then, I get my four small squares.

Formed my rows.
              Block 8 Bouquet
I love this block!! It's my favorite one so far. Cute as can be, and the text fabric is awesome!

I made the left side of the flower. I started the right side here at the top right. I sewed those together.

I sewed on the top triangle here. Make sure that you know where you are going to sew. I accidentally sewed this on the wrong side. It wasn't much to take apart, but it happens.
                             Next, I took the orange and white print and sewed those together on each side.

I am sewing the diamond shapes together.
 Now, I am adding the base triangle. This will turn it into a square. This one is kind of heavy on the piecing.
Sewed my triangles into a square that were in the bottom right corner. Then, attached it to the rectangular side piece.

I sewed the bottom rectangle on first.

 That left the final seam on the right.


This is my fav block. If you made it this far. :) I love pics, and the book doesn't really show the piecing. I guess, you could figure it out on your own like I did, but pics are awesome!
Linking up with Lee
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Link it up your Farmer's Wife Blocks here :)

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 I would love to see them. Blog at ya later.

November 11, 2013

Progress Report Monday

 I started basting Thusday night before bed. My plan is to wake up early, grab a cup of coffee, and browse my fav blogs. I will be totally inspired by whatever I see on them that I will get to work quickly and efficiently finish basting and quilting the MSBH.

It sounded good in theory. I am up. It's Friday, and I am pumped. I got my game face and slippers on...Whoops, I need to get more basting pins.  I mean, where have they run off too? I have no idea, but there's no progress until I go to the store. I made it out with just basting pins and one scrap of fabric.

 I tried winging it on Sunday, and that didn't work. Then, I tried drawing the lines. It's really dark fabric. So, that didn't work. So, I thought, I have seen people tape the lines. Hmm...

So, I just set the ruler down  to show that it's 1 inch apart. I just line up the ruler an inch away from the outer edge of the last taped row and lay the tape right next to it.  Sounds super easy.
This is Monday, taping is seriously  (5 hours) time consuming , I think it was totally necessary and worth it. I am  quilting it now, and the lines are straight. So, that part is working. So far tension hasn't been a huge issue.
Happy sewing! Blog at ya later!

November 5, 2013

MSBHQAL- Blind Spot

I have been taking it sort of slow. I got all my blocks together for the MSBHQAL which is about to be over. I bought the batting, the red fabric for the quilt top. I have been sitting here thinking about how to piece it. I thought I would have all day to devote to the finish, and it really didn't happen. There's always tomorrow.

This is hubby's quilt. Which means, he decided on the placement and background color, the backing color. I chose the black sashing. I brought the idea of using this fabric in this pattern and he agreed. I tried to push for blue background and lost. Boo! I still love it though. He also named it-Blind Spot.
Which spot?? hehe

     The MSBHQAL has been super fun and fabulous. This is the flickr group. Check it out. Make a block or 30. They are really addicting, and the possibilities are endless. I stepped out of my box. I took it right over the edge. Mostly, due to hubby's bright interpretation, and some Sparkle's influence with negative space idea. Sometimes, it's good to get out of the box. I do love to try something new. This is all of that!
Molli Sparkles

          Quilting-  The front and back being so very different in color will mean that I will have to really be one with my machine. Gotta love tension issues. I will have to put on my game face. :/ LOL  I think I am going to straight stitch this one. I was also thinking about the boxy type quilting. I am still thinking about adding just a bit more red. Hopefully, this will be a Finish it up Friday Finale. Blog at ya later.

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