January 8, 2014

Double Ring EPP

I have seen some really beautiful EPP's popping up all over blogland. I shied away from this for long enough. If there's anything that I want to do sewing wise or anything, I do a little research including blogs, youtube, and google. It has worked pretty good on most occasions, this one included. Sometimes, I find out info from MIL. She has recently done a couple EPP (English Paper Piecing) projects. So, I did see what she does, and it's all relatively similar.

I learned my  basting technique here and the same lady does the piecing here with Katherine Ringo. I really like both techniques and chose this out of several videos.

My tips: the bigger the bite that you take the more that your thread is going to show. Also, when I am sewing one side, even when I can sew up the next side continuously. I like to knot it at the corner before continuing on with the sewing. I found that if I just continuously sewed different sides that the thread loosens.
I like threading with cotton thread. I agree with Katherine on her youtube video about the length being no longer than 18 inches to decrease knots.

I chose to use cardstock, and I am really enjoying that. I like the stiffness. I haven't tried plastic templates. I also know that MIL uses magazine paper. It seems to work for her, but I haven't tried that either. Cardstock seemed to work, and I stuck with it. I love sewing while watching and listening to the tv, and I take it with me.

It's funny that I was scared of this, and it's easy. I wouldn't say fast. It takes a couple hours to complete one double ring. I have sped up a little, but not that much. Happy sewing!

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  1. Great work Yvonne, it's the perfect project while watching/listening to tv or out and about waiting somewhere. It really is very simple once you find your rhythm isn't it.

  2. Wow your EPP is looking really beautiful, I bet you're finding the hand sewing pace really relaxing too :)

    1. Thanks Serena! It really is relaxing. There's no time limit on this one. :)

  3. Love you hexies!! I'm with you hexies are for sewing in front of the tv or for those long car trips. I can read in the car but I can sew hexies :)

  4. Great job! It's such a good feeling to try something new and discover it wasn't worth the intimidation at all =)

    1. It's definitely true. Zippers used to be the big fear, and there's really nothing that horrible about it. Thanks for stopping by :)


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