January 16, 2014

Q1 for 2014 FInish Along

I am making the list. Hopefully, I will resist the urge to start new projects. That's a laugh out loud moment for me.  I really hope that I can complete more than a couple projects at least. So, here they are again.

Finish Along 2014
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1. Finish Galaxy. It is Queen size. It needs to be quilted. I have been debating forever about the quilt motif.  Decisions, decisions...I am ready to cross this off the list.

2. Hemisperes- I started the QAL in October. This will be the lap size version. I am really on a time line since this will be gifted. Can't say more or they will know who they are. ;)

3. Margaritaville quilt- I have lost the love for this one, but I have 8 of these blocks. I am going to get some more fabric and turn it into a lap quilt. This has migrated from list to list.

4. Swoon- This is the one I want to make. I have been struggling on fabric choices. This is going to be the full on king version and the biggest quilt to date. 


 5. Double Flower EPP- I am going to put this on the list. My EPP will  be a queen size. There will be progress, I just don't know how much because I love hand stitching, but my hands do not agree. (Arthritis) So, for the others out there struggling, I totally get it.

6. Farmer's Wife Quilt- It's also going to be a queen. I have 10 done and  more than I would like to count left to make.

7. Pixelated quilt with my 2 inch scraps. A wall hanging size is what I have in mind for this one.

8. Riley Blake Challenge-Pillow 

9. Modern Maples- These are my fabric pulls for the Modern Maples. I think that the layout is for a lap quilt. I am looking forward to this quilt. I may add a red and change a couple out, but this is very close to what I will be using.

I wish you all luck on your list.



  1. Ha, even I don't kid on I won't start something new ;o)

    Good luck with your list!

  2. Good luck! You have some pretty projects on your list.

    1. Thank you! I may be able to finish if I stay off my computer too. lol Have a good weekend!

  3. Lovely projects on your list! Good luck!

    1. Thanks you! I hope to accomplish big things this year!

  4. Lovely projects on this list. Good luck!

    1. Thank you. I took a look at your list. You are already on a roll checking them off. I just finished one today too.

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