January 28, 2014

Modern Maple Piecing

I just thought, I would post my process for getting this block together. Maybe, it will be helpful or fun to see my process. I was really glad that I was sewing with friends, and they told me how they put it together (meaning the stem). It was easier with their help. I made this one this morning. Which brings me to 3 maples. Woohoo!
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I know everyone has seen these beautiful modern maples quilts all over the web. The free pattern is here, and it was designed by Amanda Woodward-Jennings.

 I draw my 1/4 inch, sew on either side of that line 1/4 inch. Cut them in half on the center line.

 I use the  the 45 degree line on my ruler and line it up on the seam. I make sure all sides are within the 4.5 inches needed for the block size and trim.

 Sometimes, when ironing, the seam can shift because of being cut on the bias. I just try to line it up as close as possible.

  I cut a 4 1/2 inch block from point to point. I just tried to line up the triangles and center it on each side of the stem. Also trying to make sure that they are sewn on at the same spot on each side.

  I lined up the  45 degree line on the ruler and kind of guessed at the middle of the stem. I made sure that there was plenty of room around the block to cut it down to 4.5 inches.

This is the reason for sewing the triangles onto the middle of the stem too, that part is key.

 I lay out my block right by my machine.

I sewed them into 3 rows.


 When I pin the rows, I pin the seams together by I nesting them. That's the picture where I have my fingers on the seam. Each seam needs to go the opposite direction. You can kind of lock them up closer by moving your fingers back and forth. (sounds silly, but true). Pin right at the seam.

 Then, when sewing , I sew right up to the needle. I have the needle in the down position. I pull out the pin. Sometimes, they can still be a hair off. It gets better with practice.


This is really how I sew in general. I love this pattern. It's pretty simple. The hardest part is the stem. I got passed that, and it has been smooth sailing. I am going to knock this off the finish along list. Then, I may have to make another, cause they're soo darn cute. ;)
Keep calm and sew on.


  1. it's great! I made a modern maples this year and I love it (it was for my Mom). I think I might need one for myself next. Just so you know--it makes a pretty big quilt!!

    1. I absolutely love every modern maple I have seen! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a nice tutorial. I, too, love the pattern, and the green fabric is soso pretty. You really did a fine job with the block. Happy Quilting.

    1. Thanks, I think I am going to make another one and use some whimsical fabrics in that one. I love this pattern too. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. I love the leaves - reminds me of home (Canada).

    1. We really don't get the fall color leaves in Florida. Maybe, that's why I love this quilt so much.

  4. Beautiful! The green and white are very modern! :)

    1. Thank you Valerie. I like the modern. Just not sure yet how I am going to quilt it.


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