April 13, 2014

Galaxy Quilt Ribbon

I have been steadily working on Galaxy for a long time. I am sure everyone in blog land is finished with this quilt. So am I. This quilt was a labor of love. I designed it, pieced it, and quilted it all. You may have already seen the photos on facebook or flickr, but I wanted to share it here as well for all the bloggy goodness.

I couldn't believe that it got Honorable Mention. I literally cried and almost passed out. I was so happy! The judges comments were vibrant, wonderfully modern design. good eye movement.
In the future, I will not use a sheet for the back. I will plan out the quilting better. I felt that I was on a time crunch. I thought that I would be able to go back in and add quilting after taking it off the long arm frame. The rings were able to be quilted on the home machine, but I was afraid of further distortion on the rest of the quilt. So, this was also a learning experience.
It was an amazing  having my quilt in a show hanging for hundreds of people to see among so many other amazing quilts. I will be completely honest though, the level of raw emotion felt here was a 10 across the board. I had panic, excitement, and relief all wrapped up in a ball. It melted away though when a group of ladies were admiring something that I created.

The following are just other quilts that were done by other quilters in the guild. My kids wanted photos with them. Plus, they are pretty. I thought I would share some.

These are the slice quilts based on a famous landmark. Our Pensacola Beach sign. Each person quilted there own representation with the basic picture given to them. This one is going to be displayed in the downtown library. I didn't participate in this one or the other.

This is the second slice.

This is my cute kids in front of one of the winning quilts. I wish the picture wasn't blurry. I didn't take that many photos.

Normally, I am not into Santa, but this is pretty.
I don't know why they are being so funny faced, but this is a pretty one too. We all loved the flowers. Our theme was in full bloom. This  won 2nd in it's category and 2nd in theme.

It was a great show, and lots of friends and guild members came to see it. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Congrats! Your quilt is lovely. Well done! I like the idea of sliced quilts. Very interesting to look at. BTW are you kids so small or are the quilts so HUGE? :-)

    1. Thanks, and yes, the quilts are HUGE! I think they take it serious, "Go big or go home". LOL My daughter Kenzie is 8 and Jared 6. The galaxy quilt is a queen. The top one is a king! The santa is like full size. The smallest one is the yellow flowers. They are about a lap size. It does make the kids look small. The quilts are hung about knee height from the floor. It makes them look massive. I love the slices! Have a great weekend.

  2. Well deserved!! Your quilt is amazing!! So glad I got to see you at the quilt show. Now you need to plan the next quilt show quilt in your future!!

    1. Thanks Kira! I am still smiling too! I am thinking about it already. I may wait until the amh swap. I got an idea brewing.


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