April 6, 2014

In the Sewing Room

Do you read blogs and think, Wow, they just turn it out! I mean, literally, how are they getting those quilts done so fast? It boggles my mind. Normally when I am cleaning, all I can think about is  really want to sew, but priorities win.
I just have to say, I need the coffee you epic bloggers are drinking. Mine doesn't seem to be that strong. :Giggles:

What's been going on here. We are right in the  middle of a big renovation. I am so happy to report that the ceiling was retextured and the walls are back up. Yay!  I have begun taping the seams. We didn't prime the ceiling though before we textured, and it will have to be painted. No worries, hubby bought a new paint sprayer!

With all this work, I decided on a whim to take a  break and went to visit my friend Ayna. I quilted her hemispheres (pattern here) while I was there. That walking foot bar is awesome! I am going to have to invest in it. I thoroughly enjoyed using it. I had a lot of fun checking out Orlando. I got to go to Ikea, but they were sold out of the fabric that I wanted. Boo!

I also received this wonderful package from Kelli The Stitch Fairy in the Sewing Room Swap on flickr. I have put the sewing machine mat to good use. 

I've started on some potholders for a friend. Pattern is here. Thank goodness there was no special timeline on it. They are in the mail.

I'm got in on a Instabee.

One of the ladies in the group started out with the Stacked Windmills. We are going off patterns from the book  Modern Bee 13 Quilts with Friends We have some really great people in our group. I love all the blocks that have gotten done for this month. I picked Ziggy Stardust. I am sew excited!  My month isn't until December.

I got these lovelies by bringing in fat eighths of Denise Schmidt for a swap at ECMQG. It was really fun!We are going to be swapping AMH next. My heart is singing. YAY!

I acquired these awesome fabrics from Kim's destash. Yay for destashing. Thanks Kim. She gave me a great  price on all the following fabric. 

All of these. I believe Joel Dewberry. I love pink! I was thinking that these would be awesome for the 100 modern blocks. Thoughts??

Some more wonderful scrappies.  My cabinet is getting full. I am going to have to start making a quilt. I got 1  quilt done in the first quarter, but I didn't get pics. I wanted to wait and share it after the quilt show. So, stay tuned for that. Blog at ya later. 

Happy Sewing


  1. It looks like you have accomplished a lot to me... Hot pad holders, renovations, quilting, visiting, bee blocks, fabric shopping, etc...that is a lot!! Have fun painting!

    1. Oh my Gina, I am so sorry that I haven't responded quicker. Wow, quilt show week had me going crazy. When you listed this back like that, it does sound kinda busy. :) I have finally cleared up my plate and am getting back to sewing. It makes me happy!


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