August 6, 2014

Starbucks Mug Rug Swap

I am super duper excited to be hostessing my very first swap. It will be flickr based. I will also be taking IG people too. We will be using the #Starbucksmugrugswap. For this first swap, we are going to do US only, but if there is interest. The next round will be open international. The shipping is just really costly. Sorry international friends.

Sign up open HERE until 8/15/14.
Picture courtesy of Kira @labellacolori

I was getting so jealous of all these Starbucks city and state mugs going around. I wanted in. So, I brought the idea up to my friend, Kira @Labellacolori. She got really excited and offered to help out.  Yay! So it begins.

Background details- I got hubby to help me figure out the google documents. It was pretty easy, and it helps that I have been in several swaps. I was paying attention good people. At least I hope so.
I created the group and right away people started joining up.  WOW! I don't even have a cute logo photo at this point.

:: I love all my swapper friends. You guys just rock! ::
This morning I got up and I talked to Kira first thing. I was like did you see the members list?!?
You guys found me.
So now, I have plans for hubby to make me a shelf so that I can put up all my mugs. Because I am hoping that we have more than 1 round. If nothing else, I will have 1 mug. LOL
Hop on over and take a look!


  1. Looks like fun!! Do you know when the deadline will be??

    1. I mean to mail to your partner

    2. Yep, I messaged you back on IG, but just in case. The deadline is 9/12/14. That's 5 weeks. I hope you are in. :)


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