October 29, 2014

Love of Circles-Blogger's Quilt Festival

Hi all. I love putting my quilts in the Blogger Quilt Festival. There are soooo many wonderful quilters and quilts that are in all the groups. I will probably spend hours over at Amys Creative Side just looking at all the lovely quilts.


This time, I am going to put in one of my favorite mini quilts that was for the Schnitzel and Boo swap. My partner likes Kate Spain and circles. Which led me the the mini circle quilt here. I am going to call Love of Circles.

Love of Circles is 20"x20" Mini Quilt

I pulled all the pretty colors and had no low volume. I still have very little low volume in my stash. So, I thought why not mix it up a bit with black and white and a dash of grey for the background to set off these wonderful bright colors. So, I mocked one up to see how it would go. 

This is where the magic happens in the den by the window. I love the natural light, I cute these plastic template guides at 3 inches and cut them down to 2.5" and then sewed them all four pieces together. 

I made some of the favorites first. Don't judge my little pink flannel design wall. It totally works, and it was the only flannel I had on hand. 

Then, the bottom block happened. I stepped back in horrow. Oh no. I threw it out, immediately. Sometimes, something funky gets in the mix. When something like that happens, I take a break. Sometimes, taking a photo can help eliminate the ugly ducklings or whatever you want to call them. 

I decided on the straight line quilting with charcoal thread. I framed out each block from the middle in a big L shape and echoed it out from the center. I love the texture that it gave the mini. I binded this in a qreenish teal for my partners preference of color.

I backed it with the Britten Numbers. It does make a good backing fabric. 

My partner loved it, and I enjoyed making it. It was featured in Make Modern Magazine in an article of Schnitzel and Boo. You may be tired of seeing it pop up, but I am still in love with it. If you made it this far. Please go vote for me over on Amy's Creative Side

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October 5, 2014

QAL3 Top finish

I finally got this off the list. It has been sitting for 2 or 3 year...IKR! I should have gotten this done a long time ago. I have no idea why it sat, but it did. I didn't want to post this on IG or Flickr because I am kind of shy of selfies. I took this as my normal everyday look. Just pretty plain jane. 

The armholes are a bit wonky, but it is a walmart pattern. So, I really can't complain. It will be really nice in the summer which we are wrapping up here. 

My original QAL 3 list is here:
My bathroom hasn't been renovated. It is on the list and came with the funky paint job. 

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