July 14, 2014

Q3 list

Life is crazier by the minute. So, there's no time to waste getting these wips out of here. Some are really old. I am ashamed to say that, but they are slowly getting done, and that's an accomplishment.

  1. Modern Maples- I have the background fabric, and I'm ready to mark this off the list.

 2. This shirt has been on here for ever. The pieces are cut. I just need to bind the edges and put it together.

  3. I told hubby I would make him his own 18" Star Trek pillow. It will be a different layout. Same fabrics. This was gifted to his best friend.

4. Hemisphere is going to be a throw size. I really want this one out of my life. It continues to go from list to list.

5. EPP is coming along. I think I have 4 more than is in this photo.  Ha! I would like a queen size. I just don't know if I can make it there...unlikely. I will just move it to the next list.

6. I want to make a quilt with my AMH and maybe some other additions. It's going to be a queen size giant pluses like the one here.

 7. I have these monkeys that are almost a year old wip to make for each of my kids. I am just not into making these stuffed dolls. I have to buck up and just do it.

8. I have to make another heart pillow

9. The Social Tote. I want one of these. They are so cute. I need it in my life. I guess, the only way is to make it. It's so far down the list.

10. Need to finish up this mug rug for the July Mug Rug Revival on flickr. DONE!

I am going to make a strawberry mini for The Strawberry Swap on Flickr as well. Pattern is here.

I am sure that there is more on the to do list. I am just not sure what it is yet. Good luck on your list! See you   at the end. Happy sewing!

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  1. Good luck on your list! I love the modern maple one especially!

    1. Thank you. I hope to finish it up soon.Good luck on your list to and thanks for stopping by.


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