December 20, 2015

Cutting One Yard into 8 Fat Fat Eighths

Hi there and welcome! I will get into cutting in just a minute. I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the people that helped start the Pensacola MQG this year with me. Becky our first President ( you can find Becky here.) and Donna our VP of Membership both continue to work extremely hard to make this happen every month. Also to my BFF Sheila, who helped in the beginning. She is the busiest mommy I know!  We have other board members now. It is quite the list, but Suzie (secretary) and Betty (Treasurer). The encouragement and general enthusiasm in the quilt community has been A-mazing!!! I cannot describe the feeling of being around other quilters that share the same passion. You also should know by my Flickr and Instagram that I am a complete swapaholic. I run my own swap as well. Swapping is the most fun I ever have, even through the challenges of being a hostess. I wanted to say a quick and heart felt...

We are kicking off our first Fabric Swap. Becky has came up with an amazing plan to cover modern quilters ,including all aspects of what they do, in this year's programs. She also wanted to start incorporating fabric swaps that will make a cohesive overall experience for our guild.
 Thank you Becky for your genius!
You are appreciated!

The Fabric Swap

This will be one yard of Tula Pink Fabric cut into Fat Eighths. I will be showing two ways to cut below. Thanks also to hubs for helping with the techie side of things.
        Hubs is awesome!
When cutting the fat eighths, you will leave the selvedge intact. This diagram shows the fabric completely unfolded and laid out. It is very important to cut in this exact way. Believe me, I have cut in the wrong spot more than once. ::Sigh::
************Note: Before we begin, the width may vary slightly. This is ok.*******
1.       Cut across the length of 36”  in half. (The Red dash line.)
2.       Cut across the 44” with 11” intervals. (This is the orange dash line.)

3.       Now you will have 8- !)10.5 -11”x18” fat eighths. Due to variation in overall width your cut may be 10.5-11".
This is my favorite way to cut fat eighths.


This image shows the yard folded as you get it when purchased. There is the fold line ( incdicated by the green dash line.)
1.       Cut in half at 18 inches of 36” length. Indicated by the red dotted line.
2.       Come in from the open selvedge edge and cut at 10.5-11”. Indicated by the orange  dashed line.  The second 10.5- 11’ cut will be right against the fold. (Indicated by the second orange dashed line.) The exact measurement on the width may vary. Most are 44" wide.
This is a more advanced way to cut.
I hope this blog post has been beneficial. If you have any questions. Please let me know below. You can also find me on Instagram or Flickr. The icons are on the right above.
Thank you for stopping by and Happy Sewing.

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