February 28, 2016

Flying Geese 12.5" Unfinished Block Tutorial

    Hi there, this month my guild is doing a 12.5" flying geese block.  I drew up a tutorial just for the Pensacola mqg and anyone that wants to use it. This block is a pretty basic flying geese method. It is very quick to put together and very versatile block. Changing fabric colors are placement can give you a different look as well.


For the Block Lottery Pensacola MQG block
 You will need Kona white and Sea glass colored fabric that reads as a solid.


4 Kona White pieces 3.5"x 6.5"rectangles.
8 Sea glass colored fabric 3.5"x 3.5" squares
2 Sea glass fabrics 3.5" x 12.5" rectangles. 

Prep work:  Use a fabric pen to mark a diagonal line from point to point  on each 3.5" square. The way I like to do it is by ironing the pieces on the diagonal.

 Quick tip: If your fabric is directional, you will need to be aware of that while sewing. I know it seems easy, but I forget to check this on occasion.  

Take all the pieces and lay the block out near you. Take all the right side squares that you have pressed or marked and stitch just on the outside of that line as seen above.

 Once that is done. I check to make sure that the piece is still 3.5" x 6.5". Then, I trip a 1/4 inch from the outer edge of the seam.

You will take all the remaining 4 - 3.5" squares and line them up with the left edge of the rectangle. There will be a little overlap in the middle and that is what you want.  Once these are sewn and checked,you will trim these the same way. 

Now, you will sew the flying geese together. 

Now, sew each of the 3.5" x 12.5" long pieces to each side. 

The unfinished block is 12.5" x 12.5". I hope this tutorial is easy to follow for you.

  Here are a couple local picture of our beautiful beach for some extra inspiration. 
Happy Sewing! 


  1. I'm wondering if you have ever done the blocks as a swap instead of a lottery? Or in addition to it, so everyone makes a quilt with the BOM? Thanks!

    1. Hi Wendy. The board had a small discussion about doing this, but we are all so busy with other guild related buisness. I love this idea though.


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