March 4, 2016

Color Play Friday-Link Up

I love this flower photo for Color Play Friday this week. I knew as soon as I saw this picture that I was going to go after this pink full throttle. I love pink and aqua. It just makes me so happy. I mean, who doesn't love ballerinas and kittens playing with yarn?!? Whimsical fabric is right up my alley. I think, I would actually use all of these fabrics in this color pallette in one quilt. I would just need to find some nice whites and off whites. Lately, I have had a fondness for yellow and some green. PSA: I am really a closet green hater.  I am telling you, this bundle makes me think twice about it. 

You can find all of these lovely fabrics over at Hather Ross website. I even saw a tab about learning to draw with her. I think it is on an app too. I will have to check that out later.

    If you would like to play along with Color Play Friday

You can stop over at Lorinda Laurel Poppy and Pine or Trina's blog In an Otter Life for the details. Hop on over and see what other pallettes everyone has come up with. They always amaze me. Check out the #colorplayfriday on Instagram.





Fridays are always really busy here. I am getting ready for the weekend. Making sure everything is tidy. Per the usual, I am getting a couple swap packages wrapped up. I have to make one last bee block that I have kind of been dreading. I just need to face that music. 

I loved putting this palette together. It seemed so wrong to just go with one designer. Kind of like cheating really. I hope that it is ok. ;) 
Have a great weekend.  Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Heather Ross for the win! I want to hug all your fabrics. What a pretty bundle!

    1. I want to hug them too. Heather Ross fabrics are always amazing to me.

  2. I'm an out of the closet green hater. lol I find it so difficult to work with and I just can't figure out why.

    I love that Mindy used all Alison Glass and you used all Heather Ross. Its a new sort of bundle, and they both work wonderfully!

    1. Thanks Trina. I know that I am just not a huge fan of green. I have been using it more in my quilting lately. So, maybe it has to do with the shades of green. I love everyone's different bundles. It just seemed perfect. So, I ran with it. ;)


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