March 18, 2016

Color Play Friday Link Up

Hi everyone, thank you for coming by my little blog for  Color Play Friday! It is just so fun to sit down and just look at fabric swatches. The picture of the Starburst were such a  bright and colorful palette. Although, I really had some tough fabric choices this week. At one point, I had a lot of 80's splash looking theme, but I finally felt that this selection spoke to me. This is the first time I actually started planning the quilt in my head. I am a little on the wild side with these choices.

                This week has a special giveaway. See below for details!

Color Play Friday!!!

1. Is Weekends by FreeSpirit here 2. Rashida Coleman Hale- Zephyr here 3. Carolyn Friedlander Doe Blue here 4. Allison Glass Ex-Libris here 5. Allison Glass Sun Print here


Color Play Friday Hostesses Lorinda and Trina's bundles are available to purchase over at Stash Fabrics. There's a giveaway With a chance for 2 winners. One will get Lorinda's Bundle and the other will get Trina's bundle. Hurry over to one of their blogs. Good luck!

Trina's Bundle

I would be really excited to have this bundle in real life.  I love how all the colors are working together and so graphic. Almost every very week, I play along with all the other people that do Color Play Friday. It happens every Friday. It's nice to go and see what bundles they come up with on their blogs. You can find out more details about Color Play Friday from the hostesses Trina and Lorinda. Trina has a video on how to set up your pictures, and you can get all the rest of the details over there too.

Color Play Friday



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Yvonne @quiltydream


  1. Your bundle is so bright of fun! I think this bundle needs to come together in real life.

  2. I really love the brightness and the way you pulled in the blues. The ex-libris print is a great print to tie it all together. I think it should happen in real life, too!

    1. Thanks Bethany. I think I am going to pick up some of the ex-libris on my next lqs visit.

  3. That ex-libris print is so exciting. i saw it but didn't think I could bring a bundle together with it. You choose some pretty prints. It's so cool to see how everyone who used the grey found some really good prints for it.

    1. Thanks Steph, I do think that print brought them all together. It is fun to see what all the other bundles look like.

  4. If you don't own some of the ex-libris already, you really should. I've been able to put it in with so many different fabrics its one of those miracle fabrics. :)

    Awesome job turning the palette more blue than pink. :)

    1. You are so right, I need to own this fabric. As soon as I get to the lqs, I am going to own it. It really looks so versatile. I think it is a great print for a bag as well. Thanks for stopping by. It was hard not to go all pink.


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