April 1, 2016

Color Play Friday Link Up

I have been so busy this week. I squeezed in some color play friday in at the last minute. I struggle with picking fabrics for this challenge and in real life. It is the hardest part of the quilting process for me. I have fabric waiting on me to decide what to do with it right now. I just buy it because I love it. I get it home,
 and then I am not convinced that it loves me. It waits and waits until some magical moment occurs and then it becomes epic. That's why I love doing swaps. Because the other person tells me what they want. They give me something to strive for in a mini.

At least in picking colors in the Color Play Friday palettes and sharing them. I am not out there buying it. So, I am sure it is hubby approved. I am just building a palette. However, I have built one palette that I feel needs life. I may work on purchasing those.

This is also about community, and I love that. It is the whole reason I started blogging. It is about connecting and getting to know others. There's your Friday getting to know me tip. I have successfully shared little pieces of myself every Friday. ;)  This week, I just couldn't get past the Tula Pink Chipper Chipmunks! They stole my heart. I guess, I am just a one designer quilt snob. Ha! Who knew?

 I just love how Tula Pink makes all her colors work so well with each other. Even if they are in a different collection. So, here's the link where you can find them. Most of them, except for the 3rd one down are Eden found here and Chipper (3rd down) found here.

Chipper up close. It stole my heart at hello. 

                 I know  you may be tired of my one designer wonders, but I love this palette.

If you want to play along, you can find all the details over and Trina's and Lorinda's blogs. They are linked under hostesses below. It is a fun way to build color palettes with friends. Go check out everyone's blog and see what they are up too. Maybe, I will see you next week. You can find us over at the #colorplayfriday on IG too.

Hostess Lorinda at www.laurelpoppyandpine.com

Hostess Trina at www.inanotterlife.com

Yvonne that's me.

See you next week. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. I can't believe you were able to put the Chipper in there and totally pull it off! I feel it was daring because of the background color, but it totally works and how could you not be obsessed with it?!

    1. Thanks! I am living on the edge. I love the background for this chipper.

  2. Playing with fabric but not purchasing... definitely a Hubby-approved activity! I love your Tula palette. I agree with Trina that is was daring but it really does work!

    1. I like being daring, just not when I purchase fabric. ;) It makes no sense. I really try to experiment on Fridays.

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  4. I love what you wrote about community in relationship to blogging! That Chipper is the cutest little guy, in any color. Here's something I don't say often, I love your green fabric choice as well. Cool bundle!


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