August 16, 2013

Easy Coasters

I was looking for a cute little house warming gift for my sister-in-law.  I thought about casserole carrier, and I promptly threw out that idea. I knew that she loved the main fabric with  the coffee theme. It's one of my favorites. A small part of me didn't want to use it, but I let it go. Woosahed it out.

    So, I searched out coaster ideas and came across the cutest coasters. I got the tutorial from Jeni's blog here. I would love to get these for a gift. So, that's how they came to be.
      Disclaimer: I used her cuts, but the placement of the pieces is different. It's not because I didn't like the way she did it, but  I was awake super early and I didn't check the placement of my pieces. Things like this happen to me all the time. They are still cute. Terrie will never know. Shh...

Here's a tip section. I added some light/medium weight interfacing on the second set. It made them more sturdy. It only took me an hour to cut everything and sew it. Now, don't laugh at the slowness. I am sure that some people can almost get a quilt top done in 1 hour. Anyway, it was quick.


They were simple. I think this could be done in an hour or less really. The thing is I can never time how long it takes because I have to stop and let the dog out, fix breakfast, get hubby out the door. It's never dull, but I never get to run through a project without interruption. When the kids go back to school maybe that will happen. I can dream, right???
To me, the back is just as cute. Love, love this fabric. I know some people are loving birds, elephants, deer, or whatever. This is the one for me. I've had it awhile and my feelings haven't changed. That's true love!
Now, I am going to have to make some for my house. They will match the placemats too. Hey, I'm a fan of matchy matchy sometimes.

I hope she loves them. Thanks for stopping by and blog at ya later.
 This is the second set, and I actually put the pieces where they were supposed to go. I guess I am awake now. ;)
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  1. Cute and easy presents. Thanks for showing us.

    1. I just made some for our house. I couldn't resist!

  2. Great job. Good call with the interfacing. Now, are you going to allow people to put anything on them?

    1. I like to use the stuff I make. I always get that, oh no you can't use it. Plus, if it gets ruined or something, I can always make more. The interfacing really kicked it up a notch. I am in a swap though. It's probably going to be put up on display and not touched. lol


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